Revelstoke Adventure Park applicant asked to work with emergency services

Revelstoke City Council will again consider the proposed Revelstoke Adventure Park application for the Greeley area next week. They're responding to a referral from the B.C. government. A city staff report focuses on security issues, such as fire, forest fires, and traffic issues at the highway.

The Revelstoke Adventure Park plans to have facilities for mountain biking. Photo: IDLP.

The City of Revelstoke has minimal objections to the proposed Revelstoke Adventure Park moving forward, as long as emergency services are involved with mitigation plans.

The provincial government has contacted Revelstoke for comment following an application by the developer, Illecillewaet Development Limited Partnership (IDLP) for a License of Occupation on crown land.

Video: The Revelstoke Adventure Park has proposed building a man-made wave pool as part of many outdoor adventure amenities at the location. In the past day, world surfing superstar Kelly Slater releases this video of a new man-made wave created by his company, Kelly Slater Wave Company. Surfer Magazine led with the headline: Best Man-Made Wave Ever. Here’s a look:

Following the city’s call for feedback from Revelstoke authorities and stakeholders the RCMP revealed they had some concerns with the entrance to the park, 10 kilometres east of Revelstoke on the Trans-Canada Highway. Staff-Sgt Kurt Grabinsky wrote there needs be a plan in place for access.

“As evidenced by the number of collisions and close calls at the entrance to The Enchanted Forest/SkyTrek, there is great importance in creating a safe way to enter and exit the highway considering vehicles are traveling at or above the posted 100 km/h,” he wrote.

Staff-Sgt Grabinsky also mentioned the importance of considering the lighting, road and parking lot planning, cameras and effective alarm system for buildings in the remote location.

“Addressing these issues will reduce the impact on policing needs for an area outside of the municipality. The RCMP can offer a review of all plans from the perspective of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).”

Councillors will review the recommendation to respond to the crown with no objection other than for the applicant to work with local emergency services. However they can discuss and make amendments if needed.

If the Revelstoke Adventure Park goes ahead with construction, the first phase of activity offerings is hoped to be opened in 2017.

It will be developed in four phases over six years on 63.7 ha of private land and 257.2 ha of adjoining Crown land. Proposed recreational offerings include ziplines, bungee jumping, rock climbing, mountain biking, ropes courses, Outdoor Gravity Orb ride, rotating barrel ride, Sky Swing, hiking, horseback riding, swimming and fishing. It will be open seasonally from May to October.

The report contains technical documents and reports exploring things like forest fire hazards, geotechnical issues, wildlife issues, First Nations consultation and more. See the full report here.

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Emily Kemp is a freelance journalist and frequent contributor to the Revelstoke Mountaineer.