Reel Rock 13 features climbing, community, and corny jokes

Event organizers hope the film will help promote the growing sport of climbing by showcasing those innovating and exploring new frontiers.

Reel Rock 13 premiers at the Roxy Theatre in Revelstoke on Wednesday, Nov. 7. Event organizers are hoping the event will promote the growing sport of climbing. Photo: Reel Rock 13.

Submitted by Tyler Jay

A rustle of leaves at Begbie Bluffs, evidence of footprints in the dirt near Echo Bay, and the distant sounds of quick draws rattling against a harness at Waterworld is sometimes the closest you come to meeting up with other climbers in Revelstoke. There’s just so many good areas in proximity to town! However, there is no real central hub for the climbers to build a community, and non-climbers to dip their toes in the sport.

The Revelstoke Climbers Access Society (RCAS) has been striving to create such a place for some years now, but unfortunately a few road blocks haven’t let this idea come to fruition. Still, they remain an active part in maintaining Revelstoke’s climbing areas. Activities such as trail building, trail maintenance, and replacing old hardware on routes is something the RCAS is constantly occupied with. However, we’re hoping to foster the greater sense of this vibrant community in one lively night of climbing and mountain films.

A climber takes on Valley of the Moon in this still shot from the Reel Rock 13 film. Photo: Reel Rock 13.

This season, Reel Rock 13 will be premiered at The Roxy Theatre on Wednesday, November 7th. This event hopes to promote this growing sport by showcasing those pushing the limits, those innovating and exploring new frontiers, and those just doing what we all look to do, have some fun! The event proceeds all go to benefit the Revelstoke Climbers Access Society and provides a great venue for climbers and non-climbers alike to come together under one roof, be inspired, engage, have a laugh, and share some mountain stoke.

With tons of local sponsors, some great prizes, swag, a few wobbly pops and friendly competitions, Reel Rock 13 is sure to be a perfect way to spend a Wednesday night in November.

A climber at Queen Maude Land. Photo: Reel Rock 13