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For details of our January 2020 cover image, see this excerpt from the introduction in the print issue: As part of our rebranding at Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine, we talked about encapsulating an identity in an illustrated character, so our January 2020 cover boy, Uto, was born. He was created by graphic designer and vintage illustration enthusiast Carlos Cubides, who draws inspiration from pulp magazine and pin-up illustrations from the '20s and '30s. Find him on Insta at @pulpodesigner The illustration is based on historical photos of the Swiss guides who plied their trade in the region in the late 1800s and early 20th Century, laying the foundation for mountaineering in the Columbia. Most important to us is Uto's ethos: he's ready to get after it, here to help guide you, really excited about the adventure ahead, and is responsible for the safety of every member of the group. Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine has always made showcasing great things happening in Revelstoke our priority, and with Uto, we're doubling down on that mission. It stems from our core belief in the power of words and ideas to reflect and shape reality: by showcasing Revy residents doing great things, we hope to provide inspiration for others to blaze a path to their personal summit.

Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine’s January 2020 issue is focused on the theme of hope and new starts for the new decade.


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The January 2020 issue of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine started distribution today. The theme for our first issue of the decade is “hope.” Thanks to the dozens and dozens of contributors who participated in this issue by sharing your vision for a better Revelstoke over the next 10 years. Climate change loomed large in the minds of our contributors, as they shared their ideas and local solutions to the issues. It was heartening to hear the resolve to find solutions and push the community forward towards better ways of doing things. There’s a lot more new things this issue, including a new food columnist exploring unique food stories, an exploration of New Years rituals, a prod to get on your bike during the winter, a feature on Revy’s Mr. Techno-Future, our new mascot Uto, artist colabs, a new numbers-focused graphic feature, arts features and much more in our second biggest issue to date. None of it’s online until Jan. 1, so pick up your paper copy today! Thanks again to our many contributors and supporters! We’re stoked on our redesign and are raring to enter 2020 with plans to radically revamp our online focus to leave the old, broken ways of doing community journalism behind and forge ahead with new, relevant and experimental ways of doing digital journalism that meet the challenges of our contemporary information environment. Lastly, thanks to all our advertisers! You make this happen! Readers, if you like what you see, please consider ways organizations or businesses you’re involved in can support us. 😊 🥳 Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year and enjoy the new issue!

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