Photos: Revelstoke Remembrance Day 2018

Revelstoke Remembrance Day 2018 ceremonies focused on 100 years since the guns fell silent on the First World War.

The Remembrance Day parade forms up on Mackenzie Avenue on Nov. 11. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

Glorious fall weather swelled the Revelstoke audience for Remembrance Day ceremonies on Nov. 11, 2018.

Following the parade from Mackenzie Avenue to the Revelstoke Cenotaph, Revelstoke Legion members and dignitaries addressed the audience.

“I served the families of World War I veterans. I heard their stories of pain and sacrifice, and quickly realized how much they had given so that we could know peace,” said Mayor Gary Sulz.

Minster David Cooke of the Revelstoke United Church noted the centennial since the guns fell silent in the First World War, once thought of as the war to end wars.

“For 100 years, we have said that one war was a war to end all wars, yet war and violence has persisted,” Cooke said. “We have lived by the sword and died by it again and again, for causes both just and unjust, committing deeds of bravery and heroism that show our best nature, and crimes of unimaginable horror that show us the depths of our depravity. … War has only gotten more horrible, yet also more sterile and distant, yet through it all we have prayed and will continue to pray for peace.”

After speeches, residents laid wreaths at the Revelstoke Cenotaph.

This year’s ceremony focused on 100 years since armistice in the First World War.

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