Photos: Kiana Putman, Scott Reynolds top Trapper Snowboards Banked Slalom at RMR

Banked Slalom presented by Trapper Snowboards at RMR

A competitor at the 2019 Banked Slalom presented by Trapper Snowboards at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

Over 100 competitors lined up for two days of racing at the Banked Slalom hosted by Trapper Snowboards on Feb. 2–3.

A big dump of snow just before the weekend made for a bunch of extra work for the volunteer course crew who had to dig out the winding, banked course running through Tasty Glades.

The event attracted over 100 competitors for the two-day race.


Women’s Open

Kiana Putman 2:22.92

Ciara Michaluk 2:25.26

Oshi Hampson 2:25.92

Elysha Piller 2:28.80

Zoe Purvis 2:37.71

Women’s Masters

Patricia L. Stiles 4:04.26

Paulina Vanin 5:20.73

Men’s Open

Scott Reynolds 2:09.02

Alexis Morin 2:10.31

Lucas Everett 2:10.87

Tallon J. Stang 2:11.38

Landri Tournier 2:12.31

Men’s Masters

Carl Cowtan 2:14.81

Troy Mayhew 2:19.92

Clay Carroll 2:20.04

Dustin Ferris 2:22.11

Brian Bozack 2:22.24