Photo gallery: Earth Day Trashion Show at the Rockford

File photo: Trashion Show models line up for the group shot in front of Mount Begbie. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer

By Kale Bajowsky

So it’s just about 2 p.m. on Sunday, and I’m standing inside the Mac Tavern at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, watching a crowd of nearly two hundred people come together for the Birch & Lace 3rd Annual Trashion Show — and I’m thrilled to see that even the sun is attempting to make an appearance for this highly anticipated event.

Sara Sansom, Birch & Lace’s founder and creative director, moves around the event, greeting guests and models as they arrive, looking gorgeous, calm, and relaxed — a good indication that her amazing staff has the entire event expertly under control.

The energy inside the tavern is a little nervous, but mostly lighthearted and fun. As we models wait for showtime, we trade tips on how to walk the runway, what poses to do, and perhaps most daunting — how to use the washroom!

The woman who is walking ahead of me, teaches the fourth and fifth grades, and is wearing a dress made out of snack wrappers and pencil crayons — complete with a juice box headband! — that her class helped her to create. She points out a group of boys from her class who came to cheer her on.

The gentleman behind me — who happens to be the first-ever male model to participate — and who will later take first place in the competition — is wearing an incredible gladiator outfit made out of pull-tabs collected from canned beverages.

A friend of mine is wearing an amazing hooded outfit, made entirely out of plastic bags — about five hundred and fifty of them!

And my own dress is made from notepad and receipt paper I collected from my serving jobs over the last year, and was threaded together with thread I found in my mother’s old sewing room.

The show begins, and the first model, who is wearing an epic, punk rock looking dress, made from bike tires and chains, steps outside. The rest of us applaud her from behind the glass of the tavern, each a little relieved, that it’s not us walking first. But she strolls the stage like a pro, and soaks up all the oohs and ahhs of the adoring audience.

Soon it’s my turn and I’ve already decided that if I can’t have the best dress — not to be self deprecating, but anyone who was there, knows that the competition was fierce! — I can still blow them away with the most obnoxious runway walk. Turning my hand upwards, as if holding a tray, I muster up all my courage and begin my walk, swinging my hips and twirling at the end — and unfortunately, losing a few receipts to the wind. But someone reaches down to catch them, thank goodness! — As littering at the Trashion Show would be highly unfashionable! — and I high five the gentleman in the gladiator outfit as we pass each other, and finish my walk in time to turn and see his very charismatic stage presence, knowing already, that he’s sure to take home a prize.

The gladiator outfit, made by Birch & Lace’s very own Vee was a sure winner, but I couldn’t have guessed who else would place in the top three, and I certainly did not envy the task of the four judges to decide.

I was pleased to hear an early estimate (stay tuned!) of about $3, 300 being raised for the North Columbia Environmental Society and Water Aide – which is pretty amazing!

It was definitely a challenge, but an amazing one! Big thanks to everyone who came to cheer us on. See you all next year!

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