Parks Canada Revelstoke area spring 2020 construction update

Projects underway at Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National parks include completion of various infrastructure and maintenance projects along the highway, on trails, at visitor centres and campgrounds

The view from the Monashee Lookout in Mount Revelstoke national park. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer file photo

Construction season is upon us, and a number of projects are underway at Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks. These include completion of various infrastructure and maintenance projects along the highway, on trails, at visitor centres and campgrounds.

Here is an update for projects taking place in Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks between spring and fall 2020:

What to expect

COVID-19: Parks Canada is following advice from public health experts and implementing measures to support Canada’s efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19. Parks Canada’s construction projects are considered critical services to the public, and most scheduled projects are proceeding as planned unless in contravention with relevant provincial or territorial non-essential service restrictions.

Updates will be provided as needed.

Trans-Canada Highway through Glacier National Park:

-Highway travelers should expect reduced speed limits in construction zones and be prepared for minor delays

Trans-Canada Highway – Glacier National Park

Overlooking the Trans-Canada Highway at Rogers Pass. Photo: Parks Canada

Landslide mitigations and Beaver Valley Traffic-Holding Area:

– Additional work is being done to reduce the impacts of the East Gate landslide’s impacts on the Trans-Canada Highway. A series of small dams will be constructed in the main channel along with adjacent revegetation and upstream surface flow diversions

– Work resumes on the adjacent Beaver Valley traffic-holding area, a new safe vehicle parking area to be used during avalanche control and highway closures. Work on this project is scheduled for completion in fall 2020.

Culvert Improvement:

-A new concrete box culvert will replace a smaller metal culvert under the Trans-Canada Highway east of the Beaver River Bridge.

– As part of this work, an upstream berm designed to divert the flow of avalanches and run-off will be cleared of built-up debris.

Highway avalanche mitigation  – Glacier National Park

Parks Canada Avalanche Specialists prepare to install snow nets high above the Trans-Canada Highway in Rogers Pass in 2019. Funded by the federal government, this is one of many avalanche mitigation technologies being used in Glacier National Park. Photo: Parks Canada

There are more than 130 avalanche paths through Glacier National Park. A system of active and static defenses works together to improve safety in the transportation corridor and reduce highway closure times.

Work will take place this spring through fall on the following avalanche mitigation projects:


– Work resumes east of Rogers Pass to complete a berm This is a “re-use” project: fill for the mounds is coming from work in the East Gate landslide area of the park.

Cougar Corner Snow Net Maintenance:

-Parks Canada will complete regular inspection, maintenance and re-tensioning of snownets on the slope of Cougar Mountain over the summer.

Telemetry Tower Replacement:

-Work continues on a multi-year  project to replace remote weather instrumentation towers with metal structures designed specifically for safety when staff are accessing the weather instruments, and durability in the Columbia Mountains climate.

Visitor services

Rogers Pass Washroom Building, Glacier National Park:

-Construction on a new 24-hour washroom building and day use area in Rogers Pass is scheduled for completion in fall 2020

-Temporary washroom facilities remain are in place until the new building is operational

Hazard Tree Removal, Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks:

– Site assessments to identify and remove hazard trees are being conducted for day use areas and campgrounds in Mount Revelstoke and Glacier national parks to identify and remove hazard trees.

-Mount Sir Donald campground and day use area remain closed due to the high number of dead standing spruce trees from a beetle infestation.

Snowforest Campground, Mount Revelstoke National Park:

-Parks staff are working on final touches in preparation for welcoming campers to the new Snowforest Campground on the lower slopes of Mount Revelstoke.

Parks Canada suspended visitor services and access beginning on March 19, 2020.  Parks Canada will begin a gradual opening of some outdoor locations in national parks, national historic sites, and national marine conservation areas, including Mount Revelstoke and Glacier national parks, starting in early June.

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