Parks Canada reopens restricted areas in Rogers Pass

Parks Canada previously closed the area due to ski tracks found entering into a neighboring closed location. In a statement, Parks Canada announced the reopening of restricted areas, but warned that further violations would close it back down.

A map of restricted areas in Rogers Pass. Photo: Parks Canada.

In a statement released late last week, Parks Canada announced the reopening of an Avalanche Winter Restricted Area (WRA). The area had been temporarily closed in late February due to trespassing.

Included in the statement was a plea to skiers using the area to respect the regulations of the Winter Permit System, in order to avoid future closures.

In a statement in late February, Parks Canada shut down the Avalanche Winter Restricted Area (WRA) until further notice, after discovering tracks in the permanently closed neighboring area of Macdonald West Winter Prohibited Area.

The existence of the tracks meant they couldn’t be sure other skiers hadn’t followed the tracks into the area. Now that new snowfall has covered the tracks, Parks Canada has opted to open the area.

The Canadian Armed Forces coordinates with Parks Canada to use artillery to manage avalanche risks to the highway. Obviously, neither want skiers in an area that’s about to be shelled in order to trigger avalanches.

In their statement, Parks Canada warned against repeat offenses.

“Any further violations into the Macdonald West WPA will result in Avalanche WRA being closed for the remainder of the season,” Parks warned.

See the full statement here:

Visit to stay up to date with details on the Winter Permit Systems as well as current closures.

In this post from late February, Parks Canada announced the closure:

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