New local ski film Free Will focuses on the skier’s journey

Free Will tells the story of several Czech skiers who dedicate their time to skiing in Revelstoke's backcountry.


A new movie filmed by Czech skiers features terrain in Revelstoke and Rogers Pass.

Directed by Jakub Pinos Free Will tells the story of several Czech skiers who leave the terrain parks of Europe to dedicate their time skiing in the Canadian backcountry. The film also features local skiers Daniel Kennedy and Andres Ron.

Watch the trailer here:

Pinos said the film does not focus on the skier’s journey. Instead the film focuses on the differences between resort and back country skiing.

“It shows the beauties of off-piste skiing and argues that backcountry skiing brings more options, and therefore more happiness for skiers themselves,” Pinos told the Mountaineer.

Pinos said he hopes to have the film completed this month.

“We want to finish the film by the end of November and then my plan is to get it to film festivals, such as VIMFF in Vancouver,” he said.