New report on Revelstoke’s proposed Mackenzie Village housing development

Before Revelstoke's Mackenzie Village housing development can go ahead, a master development plan needs to be worked out between developer David Evans and the City of Revelstoke. A report has been released identifying the anticipated impacts on water and road infrastructure that this development will have, when about 1,170 units are constructed by 2029.

Mackenzie Village site layout. Photo: Developer's image obtained from City of Revelstoke report

A report has been released outlining the servicing plans and capabilities of the proposed Mackenzie Village housing development on Nichol Road.

This development is expected to add approximately 1,170 mixed housing stock to Revelstoke’s market in 12 phases by full-build out in 2029.

Developer David Evans contracted WSP Canada Inc. to prepare the Master Site Servicing Plans and Report for the 14.3-hectare site.

His development has received a third reading to amend the zoning bylaw to add a comprehensive development zoning district (CD17) and rezone the properties at 1750, 1800 & 1816 Nichol Road to the new CD17 zone.

This report, which covers preliminary investigations into roads, water, sewer and drainage, will supplement the master development agreement between the Evans and the City of Revelstoke.

Key points

  • Water storage: To meet minimum City of Revelstoke guidelines, existing Arrow Heights reservoir will need to be expanded in Phase 5, Year 2021.
  • Sewage: The existing Wastewater Treatment Plant has adequate capacity beyond the full buildout of the proposed development, the report claims.

Notes from traffic impact assessment

Primary vehicular access to the Mackenzie Village will be from Airport Way, Nichol Road and Hay Road. Two accesses will be located on Nichol Road and one access will be located on Hay Road opposite to the existing Aspen Crescent development.

  • A mini-roundabout is recommended to be constructed for the Airport Way/Nichol Road intersection to improve the traffic operational performance.
  • The forecasted traffic volumes at the Illecillewaet Bridge are not expected to exceed capacity up to the 15 year horizon.

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