Deadline: Get your Revelstoke Summer 2020 event in Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine for free

The events calendar is free, it's easy to use, and it only takes a few minutes. Get your event as a top Google search result, and get it distributed through 5,000 copies of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine's Summer 2020 Revelstoke Recovers special issue, for FREE!

Whoa, you mean this simple, effective, contemporary digital tool to let everyone know about my event is free, AND it gets me in the print calendar for free? And it only takes a few minutes to complete? And it's a top search result on Google for Revelstoke events? I gotta get my social media manager/club promotions person/ communications manager onto this! Image: A screenshot of the expanded view of the events calendar

The deadline for Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine’s Summer 2020 print issue events calendar is fast approaching! It is end-of-day June 30.

This is a free community service provided by Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine and

You can submit your community event to ‘s events calendar online, for free!

If I submit it in time, my listing goes into the print calendar where it is ready by thousands of visitors, FOR FREE? Image: March 2020 Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine events calendar image

We then compile our print calendar in Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine based on the online calendar.

Here is an image of where to submit, on the Revelstoke Mountaineer Events calendar. Bookmark it! You can always find it in the dropdown menu on Tell your organization’s promotions manager to get on it!

Look for the little “Post Your Event” tab to submit!

To submit, simply navigate to the calendar page and look for the green “Post Your Event” tab, then fill out the form and add a photo. That’s it! You’re done! Here is what the submit tab looks like:

This is what the submission form looks like. Holy cow, you can sell tickets online through the calendar for free! Easy peasy!

(Remember, a cleanly worded short description, and a nice representative photo does wonders to attract attention and draw people to your event! Please, attention to detail on times, starting dates, addresses, web links, ticket sales links, and contact information on the submission form makes a huge difference and will drive attendance to to your event!)

We’ll review your submission, usually within 24 hours, then post it online. If there’s an issue, we’ll contact you.

If your event is a weekly event, please note it at the bottom of your submission and we’ll do the work behind the scenes to make sure it shows up every week.

Also, COVID-19 led to a lot of recurring events being cancelled and removed, so now’s the time to resubmit your event if you’re back up and running.

Our digital calendar coordinates with third-party web searches, so the event shows up in all kinds web searches and external pages, so it’s an awesome free promotion tool that reaches locals and visitors alike. When a visitors Googles “events in Revelstoke this weekend” and such, they find our calendar!

We will also distribute 5,000 print copies of our Summer 2020 Revelstoke Recovers issue, so super big bang for no bucks!

Make sure to add your event as early as possible to ensure inclusion in the print magazine.

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