MP Wayne Stetski: Calgary Olympic Bid should not include Lake Louise

MP Wayne Stetski says allowing Olympic games at Lake Louise could cause irreparable damage.

Kootenay–Columbia MP Wayne Stetski. Photo: Revelstoke Mountaineer file photo

MP Wayne Stetski is calling on the government to reject the Calgary Olympic Bid Committee’s request to allow Oympic games at Lake Louise for the 2026 Olympic winter games.

“Last March, I asked whether the government would reject the Calgary Olympic Bid Committee’s request to allow Olympic games at Lake Louise, which could cause irreparable harm to Banff National Park,” Stetski said to the Environment Minister. “We now learn from the media that a formal approach was made to Parks Canada staff and that, and I quote, “the federal agency did not shut down those talks.” Will the government stop this plan before it goes any further?”

Stetski’s question followed an October report in the Rocky Mountain Outlook, which said Parks Canada Agency is discussing Lake Louise with the Calgary Bid Exploration Committee.

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment denied any talks were happening and said any decision would be made, “in the context of existing policy and legislation”.

Using Lake Louise’ facilities for the games would likely increase the developed footprint within Banff National Park, thereby harming its ecological integrity.

“The Parliamentary Secretary said that the government is fully committed to protecting the ecological integrity of Canada’s national parks and we intend to hold them to that statement,” Stetski said “Banff is Canada’s oldest national park, and one of our most cherished places.

Stetksi said it is essential to maintain the natural and wild spaces at Lake Louise, as the park’s creators intended when it was established in 1885.

“It’s always easy to find reasons why we should allow development in our parks,” Stetski said. “But that’s exactly why parks exist – to preserve these revered places and protect them for future generations.”