MP Stetski: Federal government must declare climate emergency

Kootenay-Columbia MP and federal NDP call for declaration of a climate and environment emergency.

File photo: MP Wayne Stetski (right) with federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh at Gyro Park in Nelson last November Photo : Brian Clarkson.

Kootenay-Columbia MP Wayne Stetski joined his party in asking the federal government to declare an “environment and climate emergency.”

A statement sent out to local media on May 13 quoted federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, who outlined parts of the federal NDP’s climate change plans in the House of Commons on May 13. The platform includes deeper emissions cuts, elimination of subsidies to the fossil-fuel industry, cancellation of the Trans Mountain pipeline, and the declaration of a climate emergency.

The federal NDP unveiled parts of their plan in the week after they lost the riding of Nanaimo-Ladysmith to the Green Party in a by-election. New MP Paul Manly and the Greens leapfrogged over the three traditional parties to take the riding, setting off speculation that voters were more concerned about climate change issues than the traditional parties have accounted for. 

Here’s a May 13 media release from MP Wayne Stetski’s office:

CRANBROOK – On Monday, New Democrats called on Justin Trudeau to declare an environment and climate emergency. Canadian communities are already paying the price of climate inaction and the NDP is calling on the Liberals to bring in strong measures to fight climate change.

“It’s increasingly clear that if we fail to act now to fight climate change, the costs will be immense. The Liberals’ policies – from continuing fossil fuel subsidies to buying and pushing for expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, to practically eliminating the carbon tax for some of Canada’s biggest emitters – are sending Canada in the wrong direction,” said NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. “Canadians should be able to count on their government to have the courage to do the right thing on climate change, while creating good jobs and making life more affordable for Canadians.”

In addition to declaring a climate emergency, the NDP’s motion urges the Liberal government to bring forward a climate action strategy that prioritizes reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, sets ambitious targets with measures to hold the government accountable, takes concrete action to reduce emissions and invests in building the clean energy economy we need now.

“The Liberals’ plan is failing and the Conservatives don’t have a plan. Canadians deserve a bold plan that reduces emissions while creating sustainable jobs for workers,” said NDP MP Wayne Stetski. “We can do this by committing to renewable energy, retrofitting homes, expanding public transit and investing in clean manufacturing.”