Minto Manor to receive much needed heritage restoration

Minto Manor, one of Revelstoke's best known heritage homes, has been granted a heritage alteration permit by Revelstoke city council. Minto Manor, originally known as Birch Lodge, was built in 1905 by a former CP Rail employee turned entrepreneur.

Photos depicting Minto Manor prior to the start of renovations in the summer of 2017 and historic photos. Photo: City of Revelstoke.

Minto Manor, one of Revelstoke’s most iconic heritage buildings, is on its way to receiving a much needed historical facelift.

The manor is one of the highest rated heritage homes in the city with a 95/100 rating in the city’s Heritage Inventory Study, however a report from city staff notes the building is in need of significant repairs.

“Although the building has a very high rating, an up-close inspection of the structure reveals that most of the exterior woodwork has significantly degraded and is nearing the end of its functional life,” Nigel Whitehead, director of development services wrote in a report to city council.

Proposed exterior details and finishing for the Minto Manor historical renovation. Photo: City of Revelstoke

The manor, located at 805 Mackenzie Avenue, is in the Revelstoke Station Residential Heritage Conservation Area, which means a heritage alteration permit needs to be issued before any building permits can be issued. Revelstoke city council gave its approval for the heritage alteration permit to be issued, along with a number of design element changes recommended by city staff to ensure the building retain its historical significance.

Among these design element changes were:

– The upper dormer roof on Mackenzie Avenue frontage be retained as a flat roof.

– The southwest and northeast chimneys be reconstructed.

– The concrete block finishing not be painted.

– The proposed detached garage be moved approximately three metres closer to the Seventh Street West frontage.

– Landscaping to be completed to the satisfaction of the Director of Development Services.

The recommendations from staff came after meetings with the Heritage Advisory Commission to review the original proposal. The full report from city staff can be read here.

Minto Manor, also known by its historical name of Birch Lodge, was constructed in 1905. It represents a neoclassical revival style with strong Victorian influence. Built by Robert Howson, it was one of the first large houses in Revelstoke to be built former Canadian Pacific Railway employees turned entrepreneurs.

Here are some more photos of the proposed renovations to take place at Minto Manor. A detailed description of the proposed renovations can be found on the City of Revelstoke website. 

A list of proposed changes for the west facing side of Minto Manor. Photo: City of Revelstoke.
Proposed changes to the south facing side of Minto Manor. Photo: City of Revelstoke.
Proposed changes to the east facing side of Minto Manor. Photo: City of Revelstoke.