Locomotive derails in downtown Revelstoke rail yard

A CP Railway locomotive derailed in the Revelstoke yard on the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 21, during a switching operation. The cause of the incident is under investigation, says CP staff in an email.

A CP Railway locomotive derailed in the Revelstoke rail yard this morning across from the Save-on-foods grocery store. Photo: Nora Hughes

A CP Rail locomotive came off the rails in downtown Revelstoke on Wednesday, September, 21.

At the scene of the derailment, Canadian Pacific Railway staff assess the situation at the yard across the street from Revelstoke’s Save-On-Foods grocery store.

A yellow locomotive derailed from the tracks is surrounded by mounds of gravel, signifying its path off of the tracks.

The train car derailed sometime before noon on Wednesday, September 21, while switching operations at a slow speed, according to CP staff.

A Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive derailed from the tracks in Revelstoke on Wednesday, September 21. Photo: Nora Hughes.

Police and CP Rail workers were on the scene of the accident and separated the scene from the street with tape.

The train car headed west along Victoria Road appeared to have derailed left off the tracks in the direction of the street, and a piece of the track appeared to be out of place under the train car in one spot. It is unclear whether this is the cause of the accident.

The track appeared to be out of place under the train in one spot. Photo: Nora Hughes

Mountaineer staff reached out to CP for more information.

“Earlier today, a locomotive derailed during switching operations at slow speed in Revelstoke yard,” CP Media Relations staff said in an email.

CP media staff also added that no one was injured in the incident and that the cause of the crash is under investigation.

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