Local Revelstoke musicians release RevyMade Music compilation

Ten local Revelstoke musicians will come together on January 19 for a celebration of the launch of their live “off-the-floor,” all-original album.

Album art from the new RevyMade Music Project compilation. Photo: Bruce Thomas image

By Laura Hodge/Revelstoke Mountaineer

Ten local Revelstoke musicians will come together on January 19 for a celebration of the launch of their live “off-the-floor,” all-original album.

“Standing in the shadow of the great recording houses (Motown Stax, Chess, Muscle Shoals) I conceived of the RevyMade Music Project,” says founder Bruce Thomas.

Thomas set the challenge of finding a group of local singer-songwriters who were willing to put forward some of their latest material for collaboration. The goal was to reinvent these songs by bringing together a mixture of younger musicians and more experienced players to produce and engineer a live performance and recording, without any rehearsal or preproduction. “This was mostly due to the fact that everyone was on different schedules so it was virtually impossible to connect all these people together except on the day itself.”

Thomas was limited due to only rudimentary recording equipment and a simple basement space. “By allowing little time for thought and reflection to redirect the energy and spontaneity, I sought to simply capture the essence of the song and performance.” For Thomas, the performance served “as a tribute to commemorate this space and time we share here in the Revelstoke.”

An artist for over two decades, Thomas’ focus is on creating innovative, one-off projects. Not confined solely to music, his work extends across a wide range of media including, but not limited to, canvas, books and video. In the music scene, Thomas is no stranger to the live off-the floor album concept, having previously recorded a live alt-rock album as part of the duo Lofi Uppercut.

The launch of the RevyMade Music Project album will be celebrated at Monashee Distillery, starting from 7 p.m., in one-hour sittings. The limited seating capacity will make for an intimate concert, where guests will have the opportunity to get a first listen of the album, chat with some of the artists and drink some local-made cocktails. As the album spans thirty-three minutes, the remainder of the session will see acoustic performances from various members of the compilation. There will be multiple sittings throughout the night to give more people the chance to attend.

In addition to Thomas, the featured musicians are Darcy Purcell, Dave Marfleet, Garret Cooper, Steve Smith, Jared TerMarsch, Kaylee Knecht, Jesse Booth, Brad Christie and Maggie Davis. The evening will be hosted by Josh McLafferty and all guests will be treated to a copy of the live CD and a RevyMade cocktail or craft beer, included within the ticket price.

The RevyMade Music Project CD release will take place at the Monashee Distillery on Friday January 19, 2018 from 7 p.m., in one-hour sittings. Tickets cost $20 ($10 for an e-transfer download) and can be purchased by contacting Bruce directly at surface2sound@gmail.com.

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