Revelstoke hope to benefit from Resort Municipality Initiative funding

Total of 14 groups have applied for funding with projects ranging from infrastructure upgrades to art installations

File Photo: LUNA Festival attendees grab photos of the new Art Alleries works by Revelstoke artist Rob Buchanan during 2019's LUNA Fest. Three more Art Alleries will be installed this year for LUNA Reimagined. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

A number of Revelstoke groups and organizations hope to bolster their tourism-related projects and events with funding from the Resort Municipality Initiative. The RMI program is managed by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

In Revelstoke, the city’s Tourism Initiatives Committee reviews RMI funding applications. They’ll consider this year’s requests during their regular meeting on Tuesday, February 11.

Here is a list of this year’s Resort Municipality Initiative Funding requests:

Alpine Club of Canada Mountains Section. The ACC is requesting $3,500 for Mount Begbie Trail and campground updates. The club hopes to complete upgrades to the trail and campground

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Arts and Culture Working Group. The group is requesting $2,595 for events infrastructure. The group is hoping to buy items such as a PA system and A-frame signs for use by community event planners.

 BC Interior Forestry Museum. The museum is requesting $3,000 for the Timber Days Friday Night Kick Off event. The museum hopes to expand the event

BC Interior Forestry Museum. The museum is requesting $22,257 to complete stage 2 of the Riverside Forest Walk. They hope to enhance the walking trails and add some amenities.

Revelstoke Arts Council. The council is requesting $60,000 for Luna Festival. They hope to expand programming for Luna.

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Revelstoke Arts Council. The arts council is requesting $45,000 for the Art Alleries project. They hope to create two permanent displays of art in downtown alleys.

Revelstoke Arts Council. The arts council is requesting $35,000 for Revelstoke: Live Music. They hope to rebrand the existing Summer Street Fest, enhance the festival and bring in bigger acts.

Revelstoke Arts Council. The arts council is requesting $16,800 for capital upgrades for Revelstoke: Live Music. They hope to update infrastructure such as chairs, banners and signs.

Revelstoke Bear Aware Society. The society is requesting $5,000 to create a sculpture for Luna Festival 2020. They hope to create an interactive and educational bear sculpture for the festival with the goal of having it become a permanent structure in Revelstoke.

Revelstoke Climbers Access Society. The society is requesting $10,500 for Waterworld parking completion and trail construction. They hope to continue work on the project.

Revelstoke Heritage Railway Society. The society is requesting $37,145 to replace the southwest sloped roof of the Railway museum and the roof of the Last Spike gift shop.

Revelstoke Local Food Initiative. The LFI is requesting $2,910 for the Farm to Table event, Taste of Revelstoke. They hope to create a map of restaurants participating in the event.

Revelstoke Museum & Archives Association. The museum is requesting $3,000 to screen the film Washed Away. The museum hopes to debut the film at the Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre, host a Q&A forum and reception.

Revelstoke Paddlesport Association. The association is requesting $5,500 for the Revelstoke Paddlesport Challenge. They hope to increase promotion of the annual event.

Learn more here:

Revelstoke Rotary Club. The club is requesting $10,000 for Oktoberfest. They hope to purchase a banner, reusable decorations and hire a band to perform at the event.

Revelstoke Skating Club. The club is requesting $9,927 for the Skate Canada InterClub Competition taking place in November 2020. They hope to use the funding for ice costs, as well as hotel and travel costs for judges and data specialists.

Revelstoke Visual Arts Society. The society is requesting $15,500 for a building emergency equipment upgrade. They hope to service fire extinguishers, repair the interior fire door, install a new exit door and update fixtures.

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Revy Riders Dirt Club. The club is requesting $12,167 for Deadman’s Creek repairs. They hope to repair water damaged trails on the Deadman’s Creek side of the riding area.

For more details on the proposals, see the detailed applications here.

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