Justin Trudeau mixes it up with the Revelstoke crowd

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mixed it up with the crowd in Revelstoke, spending about 45 minutes shaking hands and taking selfies with residents. He also delivered two speeches, one at Grizzly Plaza in support of a Red Cross BC wildfire relief effort, and another on the CP Rail Canada 150 train where he spoke of the role of the railway in confederation.

Justin Trudeau poses for selfies in late July while visiting Revelstoke. Photo: Zoya Lynch/Revelstoke Mountaineer

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeted a crowd of hundreds baking under a scorching sun in Grizzly Plaza on Saturday afternoon, where he joined local and regional dignitaries in an appeal to help the Red Cross in their effort to help B.C. wildfire victims.

Trudeau, joined by his daughter, spoke about the need to support the Red Cross effort and wildfire victims in B.C.

To donate to the Canadian Red Cross B.C. wildfire appeal, follow this link to the CRC website.

In his entrance and exit, the Prime Minister pressed the flesh with the crowd, taking time to stop and shake hands with dozens and dozens of people, obliging them with his trademark selfies. Dozens of images of locals with their photo with Trudeau popped up on social media almost instantly.

At the CP Rail yard, Trudeau gave a shorter speech talking about the role that CP Rail played in forging a nation 150 years ago.

The sun was so scorching hot, it overheated our live broadcasting equipment, but we caught his speech on camera and have embedded it here as a YouTube video. For more, see the several videos embedded below.

There are more available on the Mountaineer Facebook page.

For the full text of Trudeau’s address to the Revelstoke crowd, see the YouTube video below.

Look for more in the September issue of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine. Some of the Facebook videos below have technical issues due to poor cellular connection during the event.

Here, Trudeau addresses the crowd at the CP Rail parking lot, followed by a performance by Dean Brody.

Here is a photo gallery for the Mountaineer by Zoya Lynch. Click on any image for a full screen view:

Here, three time world-champion hoop dancer Dallas Arcand performs on the CP Canada 150 train stage.

Here, First Nations dignitaries help introduce Trudeau.