Jade Wellness expands into new downtown location

Complimentary health services continue to grow and branch out in Revelstoke as more people seek alternatives to enhance their health town location

From left: Jade Wellness staff Sylvia Graham RMT, Kathryn Kennedy RMT, Erin Potter R.TCM.P, Camille Landry R.Ac, Caillie Wallace RMT, Shannon MacLean R.H.N. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer

This article first appeared in print in the July 2018 issue of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine.

After nearly a decade serving the community, Jade Wellness has just completed a move to a newly renovated, larger location at 204 First Street East, another sign that complimentary health services continue to grow in popularity in Revelstoke. We spoke with Erin Potter, registered traditional Chinese medicine practitioner (R.TCM.P.) and the owner of Jade Wellness, about Jade’s expansion to their new location and trends in complimentary health services in Revelstoke.

Revelstoke Mountaineer: In addition to the new location, you’ve added new services. What’s new?

Erin Potter: We have three registered massage therapists: Caillie Wallace, Kathryn Kennedy and Sylvia Graham. We have a second acupuncturist, Camille Landry, who will be taking over for me while I am away on maternity leave. We also have a Registered Holistic Nutritionist Shannon MacLean. We plan to bring on two more wellness practitioners in the future, but are waiting for the perfect fit.

RM: When you opened on First Street West about 10 years ago, you were on the vanguard of complimentary health services in Revelstoke. What changes have you experienced over that time?

EP: Since I first opened beneath the Selkirk Medical Clinic in 2009, there are many other alternative wellness options available in Revelstoke. Demand from society for complementary treatments related to mental, physical and spiritual well being has increased, as has a desire for careers in alternative health care. At Jade we are really working hard to constantly improve our offering to the community. I can’t state enough how excited I am about the team we are building.

Has your client base changed? How?

Well, for starters, it has grown! In the beginning I would mostly see people who you might expect to seek alternative practices for their health care — people who think outside the box. I would say that now my client base is more mainstream — I see people who range in age from 9 months old to 99 years old, and from all different demographics. My clients are often curious about the theory underlying Chinese medicine and acupuncture, so I try to educate as much as I can. Others clients don’t care about the theory and just appreciate the results.

 For holistic health services, what are the trends you’re seeing these days?

There is a growing number of complementary practitioners in Revelstoke and I’ve noticed that there is a trend towards more subtle treatments. In addition to conventional services, patients are requesting different ways to achieve their long-term health goals. For example, someone might use Western medicine coupled with meditation as a holistic strategy to control high blood pressure, whereas in the past they just took medication.

Do you have a typical client? 

No, and I like it that way. Although, I have found myself treating more women’s issues related to fertility, pregnancy and postnatal care. These are areas where I have personally benefited from Chinese medicine and perhaps that’s what draws me there. That said, I find interest in a diversity of clients. Treating someone who has back pain or an injured shoulder can be just as rewarding as helping someone get pregnant.

In terms of health outcomes, what are some examples of the successes you’ve seen over the years?

The range varies from helping someone get over a cold, to decreasing the effects of seasonal allergies, alleviating pain in the body such as back pain, treating migraines and improving digestive issues. Of course it is so satisfying when I can help women regulate their periods (reduce pain, improve the quality of the period, for example) and support them on their journey to get pregnant. Menopause is a time that can bring some unpleasant symptoms. I’ve had successes by helping to regulate unwanted side effects.

What do you see in store for the next 10 years?

I am so excited when I think about the health potential in Revelstoke for the next 10 years! We have so many wonderful practitioners — not just at Jade Wellness but all over town. I envision Revelstoke as a destination where people come to get better. Not only heal from injury or illness, but build their potential for living a rich life. I see the possibly to host more wellness retreats and create holistic healthcare education. Generally, I see bright things for the health and well being of this town.

For more, visit Jade Wellness online at www.jadewellness.co