Introducing new Revelstoke Mountaineer community journalist Sofie Hagland

Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine and welcomes Sofie Hagland as our newest team member. Sofie will be serving as Community Journalist and will be highly visible

Sofie Hagland is the new Community Journalist for and Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine. Photo: contriibuted

It kept me up at night how I could best introduce myself to the people of Revelstoke.

Originally, I wrote a powder-filled fairy tale of how I fell in love with this magical little town. Then, I realized I was sounding like my dad, telling a story you’ve heard a gazillion times before. So instead, I’m giving you six high and low lights from my life, that you simply couldn’t tell just by looking at my overpriced Gore-Tex jacket. 

1) It’s sad to admit but I peaked at 10, scoring the main act in ‘Annie’ (the musical) in my hometown on the west coast of Norway. Yes, I was famous and had up to several eight-year-old fans (stalkers) that followed me around like I was Micheal Jackson.  

2) I spent my first year of primary school in Cambodia, Phnom Phenh, as my parents were working as engineers for the Peace Corps. Having lived in Norway all my life, I had the culture shock of a lifetime: the daunting smell of rotten meat at the market, cops blackmailing you for no reason, and kidnappers breaking past security at school. I left Cambodia with a new grown enthusiasm for spicy food and travel, a lot better at English, and more aware of just how lucky we are.

3) After studying a BA in Communications on the South Island in New Zealand, I wanted to surf somewhere I wouldn’t get a brain freeze every time I ducked under a wave. I had my eyes on a little surf town far north called Raglan. However, the only job listed was working as a full-time beekeeper. Before you know it, I’m sweating away marinated in bee vomit (yes that is what honey really is). At the end of the summer I concluded that yes I loved unlimited free quantities of fresh Manuka honey, however, the 10-20 bee stings a day made Chinese water torture seem like a joke. Try sneaking a drink in the basking heat, just to realize you now have zipped in an unwelcome guest.

4) Biggest failures in life: Reversing my van over my brand new surfboard, kitesurfing (unknowingly) during a king tide losing my kiteboard forever, snapping my splitboard dropping onto ice, lighting my hair on fire (twice). As you might have figured by now, I am a complete liability. And even though I have tried to follow my dad’s advice of ‘taking better care of my things,’ my iPhone will slip into a self-flushing toilet, my mountain bike gets stolen on day five of owning it, and I missed an exam thinking it was in the a.m. when it was in the p.m. I love telling stories, so I try to tell myself that these things happen to me so that I can be the life of the party.

The one day my baby boy had the joy of being called mine (before it was ‘up-cycled into a mailbox)

5) When COVID-19 struck, I escaped the apocalyptic supermarket and started woofing at an ‘off the grid’ organic goat farm by Slocan Lake. I learned how to grind flour, grow cucumbers, and that goats actually have the most stubborn personality. They will not let you milk them no matter how hard you try unless they like you. “Dear Coco, if you read this, know that I forgive you. I understand that my lack of technique made you want to kick me.”

Kolibri Drobish feeding some hungry goats at Elvendal Farm 

6) I am super excited about this new opportunity, marking the end of an era where I treated snowboarding and splitboarding as my professional career (which is quite hard to do when your biggest fan is your grandma commenting way too personal things on your public Instagram). Let’s just say that I don’t know if I love oats or if oats love me, it’s a very codependent relationship. I bless the holy oat makers of the world for bringing me through years of university as well as years of ski/surf/climb bumming. 

Growing up as a ‘drama queen’ I have always loved telling stories. Now it’s my turn to listen to you and communicate that message in new ways using film, photography, and podcasting. It’s my goal to ‘spice up’ the newsroom, keep you updated, and get your word out there! If you see me around town don’t be afraid to say hi, I am less scary than I look.

I am looking forward to my role as community journalist! Please feel free to reach out with your tips and suggestions:

Sofie Hagland is the multimedia community journalist for Revelstoke Mountaineer. When Sofie is not skinning up a mountain or climbing up a rock, she is probably behind a camera looking for her next story. Do you have tips on Revelstoke news, outdoor life, or what's happening in the community? Contact Sofie at or call/text 672-999-3616.