Group: Revelstoke blockades on hiatus, will resume after Mar. 21

Anti-old-growth logging blockaders say they will resume blockades after Mar. 21.

Old-growth logging protesters block the Trans-Canada Highway on Jan. 14, 2022. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

The group that led a temporary blockade of the Trans-Canada Highway in Revelstoke on Jan. 14, 2022, says it has paused blockades here but aims to resume after Mar. 21.

The information came in response to an email from to the organizers of Save Old Growth, a relatively new group behind several blockades of highways, most of them in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island. They have resulted in arrests.

An organizer responding to our email identified himself as “Ian,” but did not provide a surname or title.

Watch: Our video from the Jan. 14 blockade in Revelstoke

The group has announced its blockades on its website, although the announcements don’t contain specifics such as time, date or location of the blockade.

After the Jan. 14 blockade, the group announced another blockade in a Jan. 16 media release. The group said several new protests were planned in B.C., including one in Revelstoke. However, to the best of our knowledge, the second announced Revelstoke blockade never happened.

“[W]e weren’t able to get anymore actions organized in [R]evelstoke for this iteration of the campaign,” organizer Ian wrote in response to our inquiry.

The group is focusing on recruiting and plans to resume blockades on Mar. 21, he said.

The group says it opposes old-growth logging and uses blockading highways as a tactic.

Aaron Orlando is a Revelstoke-based journalist who serves as creative director of and Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine. He's been on the news beat in Revelstoke for the past 14 years, serving in senior editorial roles. If you have or call/text him at 250-814-8710.