Frostbite Series: 10 outrageous truths about Nelson rockers BC/DC

BC/DC takes the stage at the Traverse this Friday, April 10

BC/DC on stage. Photo courtesy of the the band. Photo: BC/DC

BC/DC is an anomaly. The lines are blurred when you listen to the original AC/DC next to tribute band BC/DC, or are they the other way around?

The band, which is made up of Mad Cow (lead guitarist), Brian “Bon” Johnscottson (lead vocals), Mangus Hung (rhythm guitar), Spliff Swilliams (bass guitar), P.Thuddy (drums) and Gene Treasoner (manager), take a comedic approach. Their shtick includes going by comic aliases, claiming the songs as their own, “having heard of some BC/DC tribute band from Australia,” and rarely giving factual interviews.

Pure marketing genius has allowed this cover band from Nelson, B.C. to become world famous. They are answers to crossword puzzles, they’re branded on Zambonis and race cars, their merchandise models are original cartoons that look like they are straight out of South Park. It’s like as soon as the real AC/DC got too old for the mischievous antics, BC/DC picked up the torch and kept running or as BeatRoute Magazine is quoted as saying:

When AC/DC first hit the scene as a bar band in the early ’70s, their dirty, mean, pre-punk live act spread from one watering hole to another Downunder like three-for-one pint nights. These days, the occasional overblown AC/DC arena rock show is all we’re going to get. That’s why BC/DC is exactly what we need — a thick slice of AC/DC’s glory days.

Brian “Bon” Johnscottson on stage. Photo courtesy of the band.
Brian “Bon” Johnscottson on stage. Photo: BC/DC

Below are 10 outrageous truths about this globetrotting, backyard BBQ playing band, BC/DC.

Revelstoke Mountaineer: Most fun celebrity you’ve hung out with

Brian “Bon” Johnscottson: We did a show with the Trailer Park Boys a few years back which was great. We thought we knew how to drink but they schooled us!

RM: Your most surprising fan

BBJ: We played a party in a mansion in Aspen Colorado for the X-Games and Danny Carey, the drummer for Tool, was in the crowd and his buddies pushed him up on stage and he played Back in Black with us. Good times had by all.

The characteristics of your die-hard fans

BBJ: The classic die-hard BC/DC fans are the walls of drunken shirtless dudes moshing in the front row wanting bottomless fist bumps from the band and/or scantily clad babes in home made BC/DC shirts.

The most exotic location you’ve played

BBJ: By far, the 39th floor of a tower in Bangkok Thailand in a club called Ku DE Ta. Crazy! It doesn’t get much higher than that.

Your most fun local show

BBJ: Everyone in the band has their own favorites but the rest of the guys in the band don’t matter as much as me because I’m much better than them. My favourite was the Shambhala Music Festival in Salmo, B.C. when we played the Village Stage about nine years ago.

Your most fun show outside of B.C.

BBJ: Playing the Bell Centre in Montreal with a Zeppelin and Floyd tribute in front of 15,000 people was pretty mind numbing. Calgary Stampede is usually nuts too.

Rallying AC/DC as your opening act

BBJ: We’ve had our handlers ask the AC/DC camp if they wanted to open up for us and they were stoked to do it! Unfortunately our lawyer is currently incarcerated for embezzling so he couldn’t get out to sign the contract. We will have to wait 20 years to life. There may be a Jailbreak though.

Preparing for a show

BBJ: Naps, and extra large bottles of Jagermeister.

Previous Revelstoke shows

BBJ: We sold out the last two shows in Revelstoke, which is pretty much as good as we can do, since we are literally a sell out.

Merchandise design

BBJ: Our merchandise is designed by AC/DC.

BC/DC on stage. Photo BC/DC

These guys are everywhere and they’re playing the Traverse this Friday, April 10. Tickets are $15 at Society Snow & Skate in advance and at the door.

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