Summary: Revelstoke businesses have created incentive programs that direct a percentage of sales of products to causes the business supports, localizing a trend that typically directs a percentage of sales to national or international programs.

Bikes and beers are somewhat synonymous in the Revelstoke mountain biking scene — drinking responsibly after a ride, of course. Mt Begbie Brewing Co. and Skookum Revelstoke Bike & Ski Ltd. know their audiences inside and out and are using everybody’s favourite beverage as leverage to connect the community to a greater cause. 

The local brewery and bike shop worked together to deliver the Tail Whip Munich Helles Lager to beer and bike enthusiasts alike. Better still, the businesses donate proceeds from their collaboration to an organization that serves as a foundation for the mountain biking community, the Revelstoke Cycling Association (RCA).

The Tail Whip lager on tap at Mt. Begbie Brewery during the beer’s 2022 launch party. Photo: Olly Hogan


Mt. Begbie Brewing says the partnership aligns with the values of their staff and community. “The brewery staff have always shown major interest in mountain biking and road cycling and have been members of the RCA year after year,” says the brewery’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Megan Moore. “Supporting and giving back to the community has always been of top importance to the brewery, and to the RCA specifically, it’s crucial to maintain and continue to build the trail networks we all use in Revelstoke.” chatted with Skookum and Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. staff members to learn how the collaboration connects with customers. 

Moore puts it simply — it’s relatable. “For our customers to drive or bike to the liquor store in search of something to bring along to enjoy after riding and they see the local brewery created a beer in collaboration with a local bike shop, featuring a local rider on the label, that was also designed by a local artist, is relatable,” she says. 

Brewed in 2014, the Tail Whip Lager is an original recipe by Bart Larson, owner and head brewer at Mt. Begbie Brewing, that uses exclusively B.C. sourced ingredients. Brewery staff say the formula hasn’t changed and is made with B.C. grain, pure Revelstoke water, subtle hops, and sans additives and preservatives. What has changed is the logo — Olly Hogan, Revelstoke-based photographer and graphic designer, created the new biking-inspired logo seen on the can and Tail Whip merchandise.


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In addition to the beer collaboration, 5% of the proceeds go back to the trails when customers purchase Skookum branded gear.

“The RCA is the reason we have trails, and the reason we are a business, is because we have these trails,” says Harrison Salisbury, Manger at Skookum Revelstoke. “We want to make sure we are giving back to the trails that support our business.” 

Salisbury says their customers don’t always know how to donate or contribute to the RCA trail network, especially if they’re tourists passing through town on a biking trip. Salisbury says it gives customers an opportunity to see the local initiative, give back to the trails, and get something in return through the Skookum branded gear and the beer collaboration.

Olly Hogan designed the Tail Whip Lager logo seen on the beer cans and merchandise at Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. Photo: Olly Hogan.

Tail Whip was released on May 6 to kick off the 2022 bike season and has been planned to be in cans and sold through until the end of the bike season. Mt. Begbie says October usually signifies the switch of seasonally available beer, but to keep an eye out for another local Revelstoke business collaboration in the wintertime.

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