Update: Big Eddy Water Pump issue resolved

Residents using the Big Eddy Waterworks system were asked to limit water use after a pump that refills the system's reservoir failed on Wednesday, June 29, leaving only two days' supply in the reservoir.

Photo: Pixabay/Creative Comons

The water supply to Big Eddy residents is flowing once again.

A replacement pump was delivered to Revelstoke on Wednesday June 29 following the breakdown at 5 a.m. and crews were able to restore water supply after 9 p.m on Wednesday.

But lightning strikes in the area overnight caused a communication fault that stopped the pump and refilling of the reservoir. Pumping resumed just around noon on Thursday, June 30.

The city’s director of engineering and development Mike Thomas said while the city is not yet responsible for the Big Eddy Water system, staff will continue to monitor the situation.

A monitoring and alarm equipment will be installed on the system, which will allow for improved response times and efficiency of managing the system. Chlorine distribution improvements will be installed later this year.


‘Extreme’ water restrictions in Big Eddy after pump fails

Residents using the Big Eddy Waterworks system are being asked to limit water use as much as possible after a pump that refills the system’s reservoir failed, leaving only two days’ supply in the reservoir — if everyone conserves as much as possible.

Big Eddy Waterworks trustee and manager Don Hall said one of two pumps that fills the reservoir was down for maintenance when the other one failed at 5 a.m. on Wednesday, June 29.

He said work crews have sourced a replacement pump from Kelowna, and it should arrive this afternoon, but then will need to be installed.

“Our worst case scenario happened,” Hall said. “We should be up and running tonight.”

In the meantime, residents are asked to eliminate all but essential water use. If not, Hall said there is a possibility the system could run dry.

Hall said another possible option is to activate a connection to the Dolan Creek water source, but said that hadn’t been done in 15 years.

Hall said the incident didn’t lead to any additional health concerns.