I met with Vanessa to pour over her computer as we pulled images from her portfolio to make this autumn infused toast to the season. The scarlet of spawning salmon pair perfectly with warm hearts pressed between two lovers.

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Acrylic on wood - Art by Vanessa St-yves
Acrylic on wood – Art by Vanessa St-yves

She is a French Canadian living in Revelstoke who is nurturing the creative energy that comes from discovering life in an inspiring British Columbia. I first encountered her while climbing by the east wall of the Shaketown Crag where she manoeuvred a strong lead straight up the Poncho and Lefty face. I later discovered her handiwork at creating eye-catching portraits and about how she has begun the do-it-yourself journey to create her own genuine visual art brand. With an education of photography in her pocket, she has been out working to hone her skills in the art of picture-making, focusing on the experience of being natural and out-of-doors.

The Millers - Photo by Vanessa St-yves
The Millers – Photo by Vanessa St-yves

While shooting using digital professionally, she often produces a retro look of film in her camera work. Subjects are suspended in a moment of light and shadow, careful never to over expose or saturate the shot. Vanessa has found opportunities in outdoor adventure photography taking pictures for stoked shredders at Selkirk Tangiers Heliskiing and Chatter Creek, but her current passion is focused on projects where she can apply her style to record lifestyle and milestone moments. She gives me a sneak peek of her recent captures, including a sweet sixteen shoot, a pretty palette from a road-trip with friends, and an intimate series of anglers and their wedding portraits. Classic beauties accented by natural landscapes.

Salmon run - Photo by Vanessa St-yves
Salmon run – Photo by Vanessa St-yves

This summer she brought her paintings to the table at the Revelstoke Farm and Craft market. Her wooden canvases compliment her photography, featuring wilderness and busts of North American animal icons. Her favourite is an acrylic of mist lifting off the trees on raw wood. Keep an eye out for fresh works of VS and future installations around town as we move indoors for the winter season.

Acrylic on wood - Art by Vanessa St-yves
Acrylic on wood – Art by Vanessa St-yves

It’s interesting keep tabs on a thriving scene of local photographers and makers, each with their own tools, backgrounds, specialties and affections for colour. Vanessa St-yves is one of our budding artisans to watch for and welcomes you to follow and contact her for custom projects and inquiries.

Vanessa St-yves
Vanessa St-yves

Find VS and explore examples of her work here:

Facebook: Vanessa St-yves Photography
Insta: @vanessastyves and @vsartshop

This story orginally appeared in the October/November issue of the print Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine.








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