Ears to your health

Auricular Energetic Treatments Use Points on the Ear to Stimulate Whole Body Healing

Holistic Coach and Auricular Energetics practitioner Alex Sosnkowski

By Alex Sosnkowski, Holistic Coach and Auricular Energetics practitioner

How many people know that the ear contains a map of the entire body and that stimulating specific points on the ear can help people to restore their bodies to optimal health and balance? Alex Sosnkowski had experienced plenty of acupuncture treatments before, but when she was offered a free Auricular Energetics treatment that wouldn’t involve needles to help with some chronic shoulder pain, she jumped at the chance. When her shoulder responded so well, she decided she needed to learn Auricular Energetics herself.

Alex Sosnkowski is a Holistic Coach and Auricular Energetics practitioner offering coaching services online (www.yourwholehealthsolutions.com) and both coaching and Energetics services at the Revelstoke Feel Good Collective, in Revelstoke, BC.

Map of the outer ear showing some of the Auricular Energetic treatment points

Auricular Energetics is based on principles drawn from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and the Tao, all of which span many cultures and countless centuries. Unlike most western or allopathic viewpoints, the body is not a machine you take to a practitioner to be fixed. Instead, Auricular Energetics approaches the body as a holistic system that must be nurtured to its optimal and balanced state, drawing on the body’s own inner wisdom. As Alex says, “this approach is based on the idea that it is actually much easier to maintain health than to fight illness. My clients learn how to listen to their own bodies and actively engage in their own treatment and recovery of optimal health.”

“The ear is a fascinating part of the body,” she explains. “Simply by looking at your ears, or testing specific ear points for sensitivity, your ear will direct me to areas of imbalance and disharmony.” Once she has an idea of the organs involved, or the type of pain a client is experiencing, she can help clients identify physical as well as emotional factors that may be at play.

Ear with post treatment ear beads used to stimulate continued healing between treatments.

What differentiates Auricular Energetics from acupuncture is that no needles are involved. Instead, the points are stimulated manually or with a very low electrical current. A treatment takes about 30 minutes and involves stimulating the ear points and then placing tiny titanium beads on certain points to allow the points to continue to be stimulated between treatments. “Some points can be tender, indicating areas of greater imbalance,” she says. “I recommend that most clients commit to coming in for 10 weekly or bi-weekly treatments for maximum results. For faster results, clients can also use these treatments in conjunction with receiving coaching services from me or other healing modalities, like massage or osteopathy.”

“This program meets everyone right where they’re at and everyone decides their own progress and duration of treatment,” Alex emphasizes. “Auricular Energetics can address weight loss, cravings (including nicotine and alcohol), allergies, blood pressure and blood sugar imbalances, digestive issues, asthma, migraines, sleep and intimate issues. I’m sure there’s more, but these tend to be the most common.”

Like her mentor did for her, Alex offers new clients a free Auricular Energetics treatment to experience it for themselves and see how effective the program is.

Alex works out of the Revelstoke Feel Good Collective and can be reached at info@yourwholehealthsolutions.com or at www.yourwholehealthsolutions.com