Downie Timber parent company announces employee financial assistance

The Gorman Group plans to provide up to $5,000 to each of its eligible employees to help reduce the impact of the rising cost of living.

File photo: Downie Timber has put safety protocols in place to help protect employees from potential explosure to COVID-19 while at work. The forest products industry is considered an essential service. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer.

Downie Timber’s parent company, the Gorman Group, has announced in a press release that they will be providing financial assistance of up to $5,000 to their employees as relief from current economic challenges.

According to the company, active hourly employees who have been with the company for six months are each eligible for up to $5,000. Those with less than six months of service and those who are part-time will receive a prorated amount.

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“We recognize our employees have come through two years of challenges from the pandemic to various weather events and the general economy,” Gorman Group CEO Nick Arkle said. 

“They face the increasing pressures of inflation and uncertainty, and we are fortunate to be able to lessen the impact of those rising costs for them and their families.”

Arkle says the company recognizes that employees are dealing with the rising cost of gas, food and consumer goods and credits the period of high prices in the lumber industry with giving the company the opportunity to help out in this way.

The Gorman Group currently employs around 1000 workers across its operations in West Kelowna, Revelstoke, Oroville, Canoe, and Lumby.

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