Customers affected by bread price-fixing scheme being asked to consider $25 gift cards to food bank

Donating gift cards allows Community Connections Food Bank to purchase more nutritious food to share with vulnerable community members.

Gift cards available to customers affected by the bread price-fixing scandal can be donated to local food banks.

Community Connections is asking people to consider donating $25 gift cards available in the wake of the recent bread price-fixing scheme to the food bank.

Save-On Foods is providing gift cards as compensation for the recent bread price-fixing scandal that was happening with major bread producers.

Although Save-On Foods was not involved with the price-fixing, they want to help reimburse their customers who may have been affected from others grocers.

A big social media push is encouraging customers to donate their gift cards to their local food banks. Patti Larson, executive team member with Community Connections said they would gladly welcome all forms of donations.

“It’s a way to give for those who want to donate to the local food bank but may not have the financial resources to do so on their own,” said Jenna Fraser, community food & outreach coordinator with Community Connections.

Community Connections’ Food Bank supports over 266 households yearly, with more than 1/3 of clients being children.

By providing gift cards, Community Connections Food Bank will be able to purchase more nutritious food to share with our vulnerable community members. Every dollar helps as the Food Bank is funded mostly by our community members and businesses.

Save On Foods store manager Rob Bett said that if you are planning on donating your gift card to the Revelstoke Food Bank, to make sure to log into the More Rewards website and update your current address, so that it is our local food bank that receives the donation.

Here are some other ways to help donate for the Revelstoke Food Bank:

-Ask a cashier to add $2 to your bill at Save-On Foods and Southside Market.

-Host a fundraiser with a group or your workplace.

-Consider planting extra vegetables this summer to give to the food bank, or donate other gift cards or monetary donations to Community Connections’ main office at 314- Second Street East. Every little bit helps!

Directions for redemption:

-Go to:

-Enter in your information.

-An email will be sent with further directions on Feb. 1.

-Note: Make sure you sign in and update your contact info on:

(Make sure your address is listed as Revelstoke, so that Revelstoke Food Bank is given the money, not a Food Bank from your last address).