Crimestoppers to host home and garden showcase

Crimestoppers will be hosting a home and garden show, and will be bringing their portable jail. Image: Revelstoke Crimestoppers

Contributed by Revelstoke Crimestoppers

Revelstoke Crimestoppers Society (RCS) is hosting a spring home and garden showcase called Thank Goodness it’s Spring. Vendors will be renting space to feature their new and existing products to help the homeowner with their spring projects.

Crimestoppers is an internationally recognized community based crimes-solving program. The organization works with police, media and the public to make the community safe. The TIPS hotline empowers people to fight back against crime by using the hotline, email or website to report crimes while protecting their identity. When an arrest is made the reporting individual is rewarded through the TIPS program. In each community, the society raises money to fund this program, thereby aiding law enforcement and justice professionals in the apprehension of criminals.

Revelstoke Crimestoppers’ TGIS will not only showcase various local businesses, but will also be patrolling the Crimestoppers’ jail cell, set up on site. ‘Wardens’ will be arresting various individuals and holding them for bail money. So feel free to report your BFF or your brother, or even your boss. All bail money raised will be donated to the TIPS fundraising.

The event will take place in the Revelstoke Forum, Saturday, May 4. Vendors will be setting up in the early morning and open to the public from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. This is a fundraiser, which will generate money for the Crimestoppers’ TIPS Hotline Rewards. Anonymous tips to the hotline which result in an arrest are rewarded with cash.

Vendors are encouraged to book their space early by contacting Teresa Lerose by email or by phone 250-837-7852.

Homeowners will appreciate finding so many ideas for their spring projects. Yard maintenance, garden ideas, interior decorating, closet cleanout, or just plain lounging around on new lawn furniture, what will your great find be at TGIS?