Council brief: Sewage lagoon upgrade project to start July 9

City hopeful installation of new aeration equipment for “pond one” will eliminate sewage odour for Revelstoke’s Southside residents.

The City of Revelstoke sewage lagoon in the industrial park area in Southside. Photo: file

The city of Revelstoke has announced the installation of aeration equipment in the first pond at the Revelstoke’s sewage treatment plant is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 9.

Revelstoke city council gave its approval for the city to enter into a contract with Triplepoint Water Technologies to install the equipment at the regular council meeting on Tuesday, May 29. The upgrades come at a cost of $240,000. See our previous story here. 

In a statement at the June 26 council meeting, mayor Mark McKee provided the timeline on installation.

“We’re hoping this is going to be the solution,” said McKee.

Listen to the mayor’s report on the sewage lagoon update from the June 29 meeting here (audio quality is poor):

The city of Revelstoke has struggled for a number of years with strong and offensive odours coming from the sewage lagoons, particularly on hot summer days. Upgrades to the aeration system in pond one may help get rid of the current stench but aren’t necessarily a long-term solution for additional infrastructure being added onto the current sewage lagoon system.

In a previous interview with the Mountaineer, city engineering director Mike Thomas noted the city still needs to consider long-term upgrades for the sewer treatment plant with the likelihood of replacing the entire plant within the next five to 10 years.

Whether or not the upgrades being installed by Triplepoint Water Technologies beginning July 9 will be effective remains to be seen — or smelled.

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