Council approves development permit application for six-unit building on 100 Track Street

Plans for the six-unit row housing include mimicking the exterior of the old Railway Station.

A drawing of the planned six-unit row housing to be developed at 100 Track Street. The exterior of the building will mimic the old Railway Station. Photo:City of Revelstoke.

A new residential development is bringing much needed housing and an historical vibe to downtown Revelstoke.

A development permit application for a six unit row house at 100 Track Street received city council approval during the regular council meeting on Jan. 23.

The 100 Track Street development includes plans for an exterior design that mimics the historical character of the old Revelstoke Railway Station. The property is located at the south-east corner of Mackenzie Avenue and Track Street, immediately east of the CP Rail tracks and downtown Revelstoke.

“The proposed building will complement the downtown character and improve viewscapes from Grizzly Plaza and Victoria Road,” city planner Daniel Sturgeon wrote in a report to council.

The Revelstoke Railway Station was located near the location of the the condo complex planned for 100 Track Street

Council approval of the development application permit is required because the development includes more than three units.

“I think this is going to be a great addition to Revelstoke,” said councillor Connie Brothers.

Mayor Mark McKee gave kudos to applicants Robert Elliot and Harry Elliot for stepping up to the plate and working to develop a difficult property. The property is located within the Steep Slope/Unstable Soil Development Permit Area. The Elliot’s submitted a preliminary lot-grading plan and geotechnical report to address underground drainage issues and unstable soils. Measures identified in the report will be taken into consideration during the building permit stage.

“I know it’s been an extremely difficult property to develop on and hats off to the Elliot’s for coming together with a great plan. It’s going to be a nice entrance gateway to the downtown core.”

What are your thoughts on the developers plans to have the exterior of the building mimic the old Railway Station? Let us know in the comments section.