Cookies support Revelstoke dragon boater’s trip to international festival

Spirit Warriors will represent not only Kamloops and Revelstoke, but BC and Canada at International Dragonboat Festival. Exercise has been shown to be a great way to aid in emotional and mental aspects of cancer recovery.

Revelstoke's Ginger Shoji is fundraising to go with the Spirit Warriors Dragon Boat Team to the International Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Festival in Florence, Italy this July. In this file photo, the Dam Revelstoke Dam Survivors dragon boat team, which Shoji is a part of, competed at the Penticton Dragonboat Festival in 2017. Photo: Revelstoke Dam Survivors.

Any woman knows bras are expensive, but Ginger Shoji’s bra cookies are affordable. They’re also delicious and for a good cause.

Shoji is part of the Spirit Warriors, a Kamloops/Revelstoke breast cancer dragon boat team comprised of 29 paddlers of all ages and athletic ability. The Spirit Warriors are registered to represent Kamloops and Revelstoke (along with BC and Canada) in the International Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Festival in Florence, Italy this July 3-8, 2018.

“We are trying to raise enough funds to allow everyone the opportunity. I am the only representative of Revelstoke on our team, so I need to do my part,” Shoji said in a media statement.

The mission of the Spirit Warriors is to show there is a full, rich and fulfilling life after cancer. This enables us to be strong role models for others with breast cancer. Especially those newly diagnosed.

“Through exercise it is proven to help with the physical by stimulating the lymphatic system, which eradicates Lymphedema.  It is also a great emotional and mental process of recovery as well as support, friendship and fun,” said the media statement.

Shoji, a cancer survivor, is asking people to fund her “walk to Italy” So far she has walked the entire distance of the Trans Canada Highway from coast to coast. 7,821 kilometres. From St. Johns Newfoundland to Florence, Italy. She has only 1,058 km left to walk without leaving Revelstoke.  She has until June 30 to complete her journey.

For every $5 donation Shoji is providing a thank you via a cookie in the shape of a heart with a bra decoration. There are only 500 cookies available.

You can email your donation to  or make a donation and pick up your cookie(s) at Big Mountain Kitchen, Conversations Coffee house, Pure Image, Salon Safari & Academy and Rough Country Marine.