Controversial Revelstoke Crossing mall bylaw rescinded, will now go to new public hearing

The motion to rescind the third hearing on the zoning bylaw amendment for Revelstoke Crossing was passed at the Oct. 27 meeting and another public hearing will be scheduled.

An application to build this shopping centre on the Trans-Canada Highway in Revestoke proved highly controversial. This is a photo concept of the 2015 design Photo: Hall Pacific.

The potential development of Revelstoke Crossing has raised emotions and discussion in the community and as a result public attendance at the Oct. 27 Revelstoke City Council meeting was packed – standing room only.

But while many of the public turned out to the Tuesday Oct. 27 council meeting, the time spent on the agenda item dealing with the subject was only short.

Councillors unanimously voted to rescind the third reading and go to another public hearing. (Coun. Scott Duke had previously recused himself for conflict of interest and  Trevor English newly announced a conflict “due to the nature of [his] employment.”)

Reversing the third reading was a last minute change as it was anticipated that this item was to go to final reading and adoption before the agenda was updated on Monday Oct. 26.

(See our Monday story on that late change here.)

Mayor Mark McKee explained that the council had taken these few steps back after councillors gathered information community members following the public hearing, which is not allowed. That may have put the proposed bylaw change process at risk, he said.

“The concern is that the process has been tainted, that’s why we are starting this process all over again,” Mayor McKee said. “I don’t think that anybody is being accused of doing anything wrong. I think that have here is a council that is enthusiastic, energetic, and I think perceived by a lot of the community as being approachable.”

Following the item being rescinded, the larger than normal audience cheered and clapped before filing out.

Later in the meeting, city staff were directed to compile a report containing information for council and the public about the proposed bylaw change. In addition to another public hearing, a public information evening on the proposal was also discussed.

A new public hearing will be scheduled for within the first two weeks of November.

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