Construction on Fourth Street roundabout to begin spring 2020

Upgrades to aging sewer and water infrastructure in the area to take place simultaneously

The City of Revelstoke has announced work on the Fourth Street/Victoria Road roundabout will begin in spring 2020. Photo: City of Revelstoke

Construction of the roundabout at the intersection of Townley Street, Fourth Street East and Victoria Road is set to commence this spring. The City of Revelstoke currently has a Negotiated Request for Proposal (NRFP) for the project posted on Bonfire.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, February 5 the City of Revelstoke said the Townley/Fourth/Victoria roundabout project “aims to address safety issues, reduce crash frequency and severity, and improve traffic flow for all modes of transportation.”

Replacement of the aging sewer and water infrastructure in the area will take place in conjunction with the roundabout project.

“Replacing these utilities while road construction takes place is a cost effective method for managing the city’s infrastructure,” the statement said.

A site overview drawing of the project. Photo: City of Revelstoke

The project, along with the aging infrastructure project, was approved for $5,078,300 of Federal Gas Tax – Strategic Priorities Fund grant funding by the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) which supports infrastructure and capacity building projects.

According to a January 9, 2020 long term financial report the budget for the roundabout project is $6,00,000. The report states the project uses grant funding “to extend the use of city funds on needed public infrastructure.” It is partly funded with the UBCM grant. The remaining costs will be paid for DCC funds ($250K), Sewer Replacement Reserve funds ($122,200), Water Replacement Reserve funds ($261,100) and Transportation Infrastructure Reserve funds ($218K).

“I am pleased to see the hard work in planning and obtaining UBCM grant funds for the construction of this roundabout come to fruition. I especially want to thank Canadian Pacific for their efforts in helping this project move forward in a timely manner,” said Revelstoke mayor Gary Sulz.

Director of Engineering and Public Works, Steve Black said he is excited to see the project get off the ground.

“[I]t will be an excellent addition to the community as the safety of our residents and visitors is of utmost importance,” said Black.