On Monday next week, Sheena Bell will assume the position of Executive Director at Community Connections. Sheena has been working with the organization for over a decade and has recently stepped away from her counselor position on the executive team (Family Services) to start this new journey.

The organization is currently undergoing a structural shift to accommodate the growing and changing demands of the community. For the past five years, the executive board has been comprised of four members. Recently two of those members have retired, so the board decided to return to the historical, single model – this is where Sheena comes in.

Chair of the board of directors, Bob Lamont, said Bell exemplified many of the values and aspirations of the organization and that the board was looking forward to working closely with her in future.

“An important part of Sheena’s role with Community Connections will be to maintain and develop the partnerships and collaboration we have with many other organizations in the community that provide service and support to our residents,” said Lamont.

As well as maintaining these relationships, Sheena has expressed that another main goal moving forward is to see an update to the organization’s strategy model. The last published strategic plan expired in 2018, so a refresh is certainly due.

For Sheena, seeing department managers come together to offer up their expertise in their respective areas, is the most efficient way to cater to Revelstoke’s changing demographics and shifting needs.

“I’m not a top-down model kind of person; I believe in an inter-collective and collaborative leadership model,” Bell said. “It is important to work with the managers of each department to develop new ideas for growth.”

An extensive educational background in social work, as well as many years’ experience working with the organization in various counseling roles, has equipped Sheena with the tools necessary to effectively serve the community.

“I am excited about the work we do, and that we have done, as an organization and to be a part of where we go from here.”

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