Climate event to highlight youth and adult concerns and ideas

Fridays For Future event puts focus on climate change in the region.

Students rally at city hall on May 24 as part of the Fridays for Future protest movement. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer

Submitted by The Revelstoke Climate Action Committee

Students will be walking, biking and busing to a closed street event in front of city hall on Friday, September 20 to engage in a positive, interactive expo to learn more about climate change in the region, as well as personal and higher level actions to reduce emissions as an individual, community and nation.

Why: Students and the public hear about climate change in the news, and they have real concerns. The event will provide local and global information and answers.

The public is invited from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., after visiting classes have departed. As well as learning from the variety of activities and booths, students will be invited to share their concerns on the steps of city hall at 11:15 a.m. and 12 p.m.

“It is not new information that this may be the biggest issue facing our future. Education is key, action based on that education is critical, said Mike Hooker, Superintendent SD19.

Volunteers and Booths are still being accepted. There will be between 15 and 20 booths and will include the following:

  1. A garbage audit by RSS Science Students of garbage from the district.
  2. Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology sharing climate projections for the region.
  3. Electric and hybrid vehicles will be onsite for tours and Q&As.
  4. Wildsight Beyond Recycling Program ideas for change.
  5. Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network.
  6. North Columbia Environmental Society: consumer habits.
  7. Revelstoke Friendship Society: Indigenous perspectives.
  8. RSS students: variety of booths with demos on the science.
  9. photo with Greta Thunberg (or her likeness).
  10. Kootenay Carshare will be onsite featuring their programs.
  11. Local Food Initiative will be featuring CO2 emission reductions accomplished through the Food Recovery program.
  12. Track Street Growers will be presenting on the emission reductions related to buying local food.
  13. School District 19 will engage students on a climate visioning exercise from which to build a climate charter.
  14. Chalk will be provided for those wishing to make sidewalk art.
  15. Placard making supplies will be provided to students and the public.
  16. A station with a photo op where you can hold a white board with a message to politicians that will be sent off for you

Global call for adults to join in: The global climate action movement is asking adults to participate in the climate event on September 20. “The International Trade Union Confederation, with over 200 million members around the world, stand behind the climate strikes on September 20-27.They will join us. We no longer stand alone. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is needed. Join in!” —Greta Thunberg

Global perspective: Here is a link to the map of all of the climate events happening worldwide on September 20.