City report recommends adventure park be annexed into Revelstoke

The City of Revelstoke wants the proposed Revelstoke Adventure Park to become part of the city to access our water services, but RAP's developer says this will draw out the development process.

The proposed Revelstoke Adventure Park's wave pool. Photo: IDLP

The latest Revelstoke City Council agenda recommends the proposed summer adrenaline park, Revelstoke Adventure Park, be annexed into the city to access water infrastructure.

RAP is a mountainside summer attraction based in the Greely area off Mount Mackenzie, that will include lift-accessed mountain biking and zip lines. Initial plans include a campground and yurts but updated zoning would allow for a maximum total of 769 varied accommodation units.

RAP developer Illecillewaet Development’s CEO Jason Roe says the park doesn’t need to be annexed.

“Unfortunately, some amendments were made in the referral that the city did not receive, so their concerns regarding that aren’t on the rezoning application any longer.”

City policy is for water services to not be extended beyond city boundaries, but Roe said the development doesn’t need city water.

“We have a secondary water source in our plan,” he said. “It’s been our primary from the beginning.”

The Revelstoke Adventure Park plans to have facilities for mountain biking. Photo: IDLP.
The Revelstoke Adventure Park plans to have facilities for mountain biking. Photo: IDLP.

Due to RAP’s location outside of city limits, the City of Revelstoke will not receive commercial taxes from this development. Roe has been trying to get RAP going since 2013 and, since annexation is a lengthy process that can take a year or more, it’s not at the forefront of his plans.

“It’s not an option we would like to go with,” Roe said.

When asked whether the city will update the report to reflect Roe’s clarifications, manager of development services Dean Strachan said it will need to go back to the CSRD to be reviewed before the correct version comes to the city.

“We understand the [CSRD] board will be considering changes to the application in August,” Strachan said. “Likely if those changes are approved by the board the city will be again asked to respond at which time we would again report to council.”

City councillors will discuss this report at the July 26 city council meeting.

Meanwhile, an information open house on RAP will be held on Tuesday, July 26, from 5:30–7:30 p.m. There will be a presentation at 6 p.m.

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RAP development not the same as tree house hotel

As Revelstoke Mountain Resort and its parent company Northland Properties Group wages war on the proposed Camozzi Bench tree hotel development at the base of the Mount Mackenzie, the proposed development of Revelstoke Adventure Park to the west of the resort has not been similarly challenged.

With Revelstoke Mountain Resort a partner in the project, Illecillewaet Development’s CEO Jason Roe said their development is part of summer tourism offerings.

“We own the land with Revelstoke Mountain Resort,” Roe said. “It has been in plans for commercial development from the beginning of the resort.

“The resort development branch (Mountain Resorts Branch) approved our 10-year overlap, because of RMR’s involvement and approval.”

“We’re overlapping with their CRA (controlled recreational area).”

The official development plans of RAP was revealed in 2013, but the property was bought in 2006-07 with an agreement to develop.

Emily Kemp is a freelance journalist and frequent contributor to the Revelstoke Mountaineer.