City of Revelstoke plans new limit of one garbage can per week starting Feb. 1

Under proposed changes to the city's garbage collection bylaw, a new schedule for collection days has been released and the number of bags allowed for collection has reduced from two to one.

The new proposed garbage collection schedule for Revelstoke. Photo: from Revelstoke City documents.

There are a number of proposed changes to Revelstoke’s garbage collection service including reducing the number of garbage containers you can put on the curb from two to one.

These new controls will be discussed at the city council meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 22 and if approved, will go into effect on February 1, 2016.

If you need more than one garbage can’s worth disposed, residents will need to use a tag-a-bag scheme, which will cost $3 per tag, up from $2. In 2015 so far, the city has sold 152 residential tags and 768 commercial tags although they are looking to limit commercial tag-a-bags to the downtown core where the garbage truck is currently collecting residential garbage.

The city’s garbage collection schedule has been updated, dividing the city into four collection zones, which align with the recycling collection schedule where possible and consider the number of households and density in each area.

The Arrow Heights section, covers the area south of Fourth Street and east of Edward Street. This area will have pickups on Tuesday.

Southside will have garbage collection on Wednesday while Columbia Park, Alpine Lane and the Johnson Heights area will have a garbage service on Thursday. Lastly, the Big Eddy Area and central Revelstoke will have its collection service on Friday.

The revised bylaw also has changes to multi-family garbage collection and garbage services will be limited to single family dwellings, secondary suites, and buildings with up to four units. About four buildings will be affected by this and will be sent a letter with the opportunity to comment before January 18, 2016.

See the full report here.

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