Revelstoke Mountain Resort gets staff housing project approval, awaiting permits

In another step to the long-anticipated employee housing development at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, the City of Revelstoke has approved development permits. The resort is still awaiting approval for construction permits.

A rendered image of the approved Revelstoke Mountain Resort employee housing project included in the City of Revelstoke council report. Photo: City of Revelstoke

Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR) is one step closer to building its much-needed employee housing.

At a City of Revelstoke council meeting on April 19, officials approved development permits for a three-building housing project for employees at RMR. The new development is located on resort property at 3128 Camozzi Road.

“This is an important milestone and a critical part of the Resort’s development plan,” said Peter Nielsen, RMR’s vice president and general manager, in an email to Mountaineer staff.

However, construction cannot begin until the city approves building permits.

“Our intent is to begin construction as soon as possible, once we have an approved building permit from the city,” said Nielsen.

Employee housing development to be completed in three phases

Council reports say the employee housing project will be completed in three phases, with one building in each phase.

Phase one of the project will contain 92 employee apartment units with 160 beds. The following two buildings will contain the same number of units, housing the same amount of employees.

Each six-storey building will contain 24 one-bedroom units and 68 two-bedroom units. All units will be fully furnished, and each unit will have washroom and kitchen amenities.

At 160 beds per building, the entire development will contain 480 beds upon completion. There are currently no set timelines for phase two and phase three of construction.

A garbage enclosure, employee parking, recreation facilities, and pedestrian trails are also included in the approved development permit.

A map of the approved Revelstoke Mountain Resort employee housing project included with the City of Revelstoke council report. Photo: City of Revelstoke

First phase construction timeline unclear due to permit setbacks

As the demand for employee housing rises in Revelstoke, RMR is awaiting building permit approval before construction can begin.

According to Nielsen, RMR is anticipating phase one of construction will take 18 to 24 months to build once it begins.

When asked about approximate starting dates for construction, Nielsen explained that “we [RMR] are following the standard process for building permits with the city,” and will be able to begin construction once they are approved.

Until those permits are approved, resort spokespeople cannot commit to a finalized timeline for the first phase of construction.

Permanent employee housing is required for the resort in accordance with zoning bylaw requirements, as well as commitments to the master development agreement.

In the 2019 RMR Master Plan Update, the resort acknowledged that “the lack of available employee housing is now the major factor of employee retention.”

Phase one of employee housing construction will coincide with the building of a new heli-hotel at the resort.

Bailey Gingras-Hamilton is a recent graduate of the Mount Royal University Journalism program, where she developed an interest in current events and social issues. As a chronically curious individual, she enjoys exploring new places, cuisines, and cultures.