The City of Revelstoke is inviting planning and design industry professionals to submit a comprehensive wayfinding strategy for Revelstoke. Prospective proponents will be expected to submit their full plans to the board before April 26, 2019.

A big part of the project will involve developing and upgrading signage on city borders to make it easier for visitors to find their way into town. Most likely, this would mean upgrades to entrance signs and monuments as well as creating additional and clearer highway signage.

The City is seeking advice from experts on how to pull visitors off the highway and direct them towards Revelstoke’s various tourist amenities. Photo: Unsplash.

Ingrid Bron, Director of Community Economic Development, believes there is a lot of work to be done in this multi-phase project. She envisions a timely process that will slowly unfold over the course of many years.

Ingrid Bron is the city of Revelstoke’s director of community economic development. Photo: city of Revelstoke.

“There is already a network of comprehensive signage in town. This is about building an inventory of everything that’s already out there and developing the strategy to gradually — over the years — update and upgrade all kinds of signage from wayfinding signs, trail signs, entry signs, to signs that are on city facilities themselves.”

A comprehensive strategy is not just about getting visitors into town. It’s about upgrading the signage both inside and outside of city limits to create a stronger sense of uniformity and alignment in branding.

The city wishes to implement a plan that will encourage the utilization of existing community amenities, as well as support economic development and growth of the tourism industry, through a more effective network of signage.

Inside city limits, the focus would be on the municipal facility and building signage, street and parking signage, way-finding signage for pedestrians, bikes and drivers, to name a few.

The city hopes to get the ball rolling this year — coinciding nicely with the recent unveiling of Tourism Revelstoke’s new branding. “The goal is to get some of the signage upgraded this year with a focus on entrance signs and trail signs, perhaps some facility signs,” said Bron.

Tourism Revelstoke branding. Photo: Tourism Revelstoke.

The request for proposal document states, “the branding and design aspects of the strategy should combine the new Tourism Revelstoke brand and the existing City of Revelstoke brand.” The amalgamation of these two (very different) brands will start to happen one a successful consultant has been chosen by the board.

The successful consultant, according to the request for proposals, will be provided with guidelines to make recommendations of how to incorporate relevant way-finding, with community spirit and pride. “The wayfinding strategy should define our place of identity without being static.”

Bron commented that the city will be drawing on Resort Municipality Initiative dollars to help fund the construction of the signs. Likewise, there may be some signs that would be owned by others that the city is working in partnership with.

The city will be working closely with key stakeholders as they move through the selection process.

Correction: A previous version of this story stated that the city would be using “Revelstoke Mountain Resort” funding for the project. In fact, the wording should have been “Resort Municipality Initiative” funding. The story has been corrected.