Splitboard Guide at Capow Canadian Powder Guiding, Revelstoke, BC

Joey is a certified ACMG guide that is driven by his love of the mountains and lead by his ambitions to tackle bigger and bigger lines in the safest way possible via splitboard. Joey will be involved in the upcoming Canuck Splitfest on January 8th–10 in Revelstoke. This laid back guy is oozing with knowledge and is more than ready for a good time in the backcountry, so we thought it’s about time to introduce him!

Revelstoke Mountaineer: Let’s get right to it, how did you end up becoming a Splitboard Guide?

Joey Vosburgh: I’ve been ski guiding on my splitboard for the past four years. I guide with Selkirk Tangiers, Capow and Whitecap. It started with an early obsession to snowboarding. I was a teenager and had no intentions of guiding, I just liked being in the mountains. Out of high school I was urged by my mom to do my CAA Ops Level 1 (1997). Once splitboards came onto the scene I hung up my snowshoes and began really gaining backcountry experience. Moving to Revelstoke in 2005 I linked up with a solid crew of highly experienced ski tourers. Only then did I start thinking about becoming a guide on my split. I didn’t go out on any day thinking “training,” I just went touring with friends in the mountains. Four to five years later I had enough experience to get into the CMSG (ACMG) Ski Guide Program. Passing my Full Ski Guide Exam last spring finalized my certification.

RM: What inspired you to pursue a guiding career?

Joey Vosburgh: Being in the mountains and sharing something I love with others. And I get paid to shred…

Q: Have you previously attended the Canuck Splitfest?

Joey Vosburgh: I have been to a participant at every Canuck SplitFest so far.

Q: How will you be involved in the Canuck Splitfest this year?

Joey Vosburgh: I will be attending Canuck Splitfest again this year. I will also be guiding Rogers Pass and Revelstoke Area for the three days during the festival, which can be booked through My personal sponsors Arc’teryx and G3 are also sponsoring the event.

Q: Do you believe that uniting the splitboard community through events such as the Cunuck Splitfest is going to help increase safer backcountry travel?

Joey Vosburgh: I hope so. I feel that any kind of backcountry user gathering will increase awareness and direct attention to resources used for trip planning, weather, avalanche bulletins, Parks winter permit Info etc. It’s always great to see the level of knowledge and stoke for the mountains that shows up to this event.

Q: What are your personal goals with guiding and splitboarding specifically?

Joey Vosburgh: Keeping my guests safe would be top of that list, having a lot of fun in the mountains is a close second.

Q: What are your community goals for splitboarding?

Joey Vosburgh: To see the sport progress.

Q: What would you like to share with others about Splitboarding that isn’t typically addressed?

Joey Vosburgh: Its the same as ski touring; Seek more experienced partners in the beginning, get your gear dialed, go out lots, make good decisions and remember it is supposed to be fun.


Photo: Contributed by Joey Vosburgh
Photo: Contributed by Joey Vosburgh

Q: Capow is really making the face of guiding “fun” what inspired you to go along with this nontraditional, yet traditional approach to guiding?

Joey Vosburgh: Marty Schaffer from Capow is an old friend and from the beginning I liked his vision. I too believe that guiding should be fun, almost like going out with buds. It’s a good vibe kinda company to work for. The Caposse is a great team too. On days when there will be more than one Capow group in the field we meet at La Baguette for guide meetings. I enjoy the casual meeting of exceptional minds over the best plate breakfast in town.

Joey on Revelstoke's iconic Mount Begbie. Photo: Contributed by Joey Vosburgh
Joey on Revelstoke’s iconic Mount Begbie. Photo: Contributed by Joey Vosburgh

Q: Do you notice a different demographic (skiers vs boarders) or age demographics coming specifically to Capow because of the unique branding?

Joey Vosburgh: Not really. I guide an even number of snowboarders/skiers and a variety of ages. I like to think that Capow can deliver to most people’s needs. We do a few Likety-Splitboarding Camps but skiers are welcome to join, only thing is we may heckle them a bit 🙂

Q: Anything else, Capow-y or splitboarding related?

Joey Vosburgh: I’d like to draw some attention to the Parks Winter Permit System. Please comply with all the rules regarding restricted areas and prohibited areas and know the differences. The entire system relies on compliance from all user groups. Most can agree that it’s a pretty amazing place, so lets keep it that way. Find all the info here:

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