Business: Stoked Adventure Facilitators offers live-in adventure tours

A new tour company, Stoked Adventure Facilitators, gets rolling in Revy.

Stoke Adventure Facilitators owner Dan Kennedy with the Stoked AF bus. Photo: contributed

This article first appeared online in the February 2020 issue of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine.

If it weren’t so cliché, I’d say that I like to think small. I’ve always been fascinated by tiny houses and custom-built campers and how their ultra-efficient use of space allows for so many posh amenities. So when I first met Dan Kennedy in a shop in the Big Eddy and saw his retired Greyhound bus being converted into a stylish and well-appointed RV, I was intrigued to say the least. And when he explained that he planned on running commercial tours with it, I knew he was thinking a bit bigger.

Dan’s company, Stoked Adventure Facilitators, or Stoked AF for short, acquired the bus roughly a year ago and spent the first six months tearing it down and rebuilding all the mechanical systems to suit it’s new purpose. With the interior gutted, Dan then re-outfitted the space to comfortably accommodate six guests. Edith was born! With eight configurable seats up front, six bunks, a dining area, a three-piece kitchen and a toilet, she’s got all the basics covered. In addition, there are reading lights, an audio/video system, USB chargers, ample storage, and bedding to rival top hotels. Not to be overlooked, the robust heating and ventilation system keeps the space comfortable and fresh, and dries gear in the undercarriage. Forget glamping — Edith is fully equipped for some five star road-tripping.

“I love driving her. She drives really nicely and handles well,” says Dan. “But driving through towns is another thing.”

The lounge in the Stoked Adventure Facilitators bus. Photo: contributed

Stoked AF currently offers a half dozen tours that range from three to seven days, roughly following B.C.’s Powder Highway. However, custom packages are possible, with starting points in Kelowna or Revelstoke. A ski or bike trip with hot springs thrown in? Sure! A weekend wedding mixed with spas and wine tours? Absolutely. How about additional accommodation to give the visiting in-laws their own space? Edith can do that too.

The real luxury of travelling like this isn’t in the nuts and bolts, it’s in the experience. You can wake up virtually anywhere roads will take you — like right at the bottom of Whitewater’s venerable Summit Chair on a powder day. You also have a mobile home base that you can return to at any point in the day, for a barbecue lunch or even just to warm up. At the end of a big day, you don’t need to hit the highway tired and hungry to get to your next destination, you can lounge with friends and let your driver take care of the rest. And not once do you ever have to pack up and change hotels.

“I was fortunate enough to have a lot of support with this,” points out Dan, acknowledging Earthwright Shelter Company, Alan Norrish, Work BC, and Community Futures as project backers. “If I were trying to do this all myself, I’d still be working at it.”