Brief: School District 19 cancels in-class instruction due to COVID-19

Revelstoke school district staff currently working on plans to ensure student education continues

File photo: Revelstoke Secondary School

Revelstoke students won’t be returning to class when spring break ends. The B.C. Ministry of Education announced the suspension of all in-class instruction until further notice during a news conference held on Tuesday, March 17.

In a letter sent via email to parents late Tuesday afternoon, School District 19 Superintendent  Mike Hooker said staff are working to minimize the impacts of COVID-19 on students, staff and the school community.

“Our community has a history of working together to develop creative solutions to a wide variety of challenges,” said Hooker.

B.C. Minister of Education Rob Fleming stated in a letter addressed to parents, guardians and staff that “Today, under the direction of the Provincial Health Officer we are directing all schools to immediately suspend in-class instruction until further notice.” Fleming said while in-class instruction is suspended there is expectation for schools to implement measures to ensure students can continue to learn.

“We will continue to work in consultation with our education partners as we plan for ongoing learning, including frequent contact with school districts to ensure we work through this together as plans are developed,” said Fleming.

Fleming’s letter also notes students in Grade 12 who meet eligibility requirements will graduate this year. “The only graduation assessment required for current Grade 12 students is the Grade 10 numeracy assessment. The Ministry of Education will ensure Grade 12 students who have not yet completed this assessment and who are otherwise on track to graduate are able to meet this graduation requirement.”

A plan for continuing education for Revelstoke students is currently in the works. More information will be provided as it becomes available.