Brief: Revelstoke skatepark re-opens

Volunteer monitors to help maintain new park guidelines around COVID-19 safety

The Revelstoke skatepark, which was closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, has re-opened. Volunteer monitors will ensure park users adhere to the new COVID safety guidelines put in place. Photo: Columbia Valley Skateboard Society/Facebook

The Revelstoke skatepark has re-opened.

The park, which had closed due to COVID-19, re-opened on Monday, June 1. In a post on its Facebook page, the Columbia Valley Skateboard Society gave thanks to the Stoke Youth Network and the City of Revelstoke “for working to get the skatepark reopened.”


Volunteer monitors are working shifts at the skate park to ensure physical distancing measures are followed. Signage with COVID safety rules has been installed at the park, and park users are asked to adhere to the new rules which include the following:

-Leave the skatepark and stand on the grass when not riding

-Keep your distance. Leave at least two metres between skatepark users at all times

-Take breaks off of the concrete; don’t hang out on top of the park surface

-Keep your hands as clean as possible and avoid touching the skatepark surface as much as possible

-Share the park. If people are waiting rotate out with others every 10-15 minutes

-Ride safe. Avoid gnarly stuff that could put you in the hospital

-Limit of two users in the skatepark at one time

“Our goal is to make sure everyone feels safe coming to the skatepark, so please be mindful of others — they may have family, health or work considerations that mean they have to be extra cautious about COVID. The rules are not different from COVID safety rules at other city park facilities,” the CVSA wrote in a May 29 Facebook update.