Brief: Revelstoke school enrolment above forecast

Revelstoke school district student numbers are higher than forecast by about 62 students for the 2018–2019 school year.

File photo: Revelstoke Secondary School

The actual Revelstoke school district enrolment numbers are up for the 2018–2019 school year, leading to an increase in funding to cover the additional students.

In a report for the district’s Dec. 13 education board meeting, Secretary Treasurer Bruce Tisdale presented final enrolment numbers as of Sept. 30.

The district had forecast a total of 970 students. The actual number came in at about 1,032. As a result, the school district’s funding allocation increased by $420,818, to a total of $11,262,848.

“The increase is mainly due to an enrolment growth of 62.365 [full-time equivalent] FTEs, bringing the final student enrolment to 1,032.625 FTEs,” wrote Tisdale in his report to the board.

As a result of the increased enrolment and funding, the school district has made a number of adjustments. The include: hiring 4.59 [FTE] teachers, hiring 2.8 support staff, increasing clerical support by 12 hours per week, increasing the school supply budget, and increasing the maintenance budget.