Brief: Revelstoke RCMP concerned over increased number of impaired drivers

There were 42 impaired driving investigations in Revelstoke for the months of January and February, up considerably from only 24 investigations during the same time period in 2019.


Revelstoke RCMP are expressing concern about the increased number of impaired drivers they are seeing.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, March 11, Revelstoke RCMP Staff/Sgt Kurt Grabinsky said RCMP are sharing the information with the community “due to the sheer volume of impaired driving incidents in Revelstoke over the past two months.”

Between January 1 and February 28, 2020 Revelstoke RCMP conducted 42 impaired driving investigations. That’s up considerably from 2019, when only 24 impaired driving investigations were conducted. Revelstoke RCMP conducted a total of 132 impaired investigations within the city for all of 2019.

The number of driving violation tickets overall has increased for the months of January and February, with the first two months of 2020 seeing a total of 550 violation tickets issued by Revelstoke RCMP general duty police officers,  Trans Canada East Traffic Services (TCETS) and Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU). Only 350 tickets were issued for the same time period in 2019.

”The chaotic winter of highway closures due to avalanches, fatalities and serious collisions is only one of the factors in the increase in Motor Vehicle Act violation tickets,” Grabinsky said in the statement. “The Revelstoke RCMP encourages the motoring public to drive according to the rules of the road and to the constantly changing driving conditions.”