Brief: Revelstoke Golf Club hopes to do upgrades

Plans call for kitchen renovations, accessible washrooms and an accessibility lift.

An aerial shot of the Revelstoke Golf Club. Photo: Revelstoke Golf Club

The Revelstoke Golf Club (RGC) wants to perform upgrades on their aging clubhouse, and is hoping they will be successful at getting grants for the projects.

RGC president Sabina Spahmann penned a letter to Revelstoke city council asking for the OK for their proposed project. Since the city owns the building, she said the RGC needed approval from council to go ahead with the work.

The Revelstoke Golf Club restaurant patio looks over the stunning local course. Photo: Emily Kemp/Revelstoke Mountaineer

There are two proposed projects. The first is making the mens and women’s washrooms accessible, and adding a lift to the second floor of the clubhouse. The cost for that project is $178,000.

The second is a series of upgrades to the kitchen facility, including new HVAC, counters, tables, appliances and more. The total cost of that project is $255,000.

They have applied for two different grants under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program — the same grant stream the City of Revelstoke applied for for the Revelstoke Forum upgrades.

The RGC will have to make up about 30% of the costs of the projects. We are not asking the city to put forth any funding for these projects,” wrote Spahmann in a letter to council, “We’re simply asking for approval that the actual work can be completed should we receive the grant funds.”

The results of the grant program are expected sometime in late spring or summer.

At their Feb. 12 meeting, council voted to support the golf club’s projects.

Revelstoke Golf Club gets city budget boost earmark

Also at the Feb. 12 meeting, council agreed to provide extra funding for the Revelstoke Golf Club as part of the city budget. Council opted to provide $50,000 per year for two years to aid the club, which has experienced financial struggles in the past years. That funding is tentative and won’t be finalized until the city budget is approved later in the spring.