Brief: Revelstoke council approves Mackenzie Village height, setbacks, and parking variances

During the July 26 city council meeting, council members approved a development variance permit for Mackenzie Village in upper Arrow Heights, allowing for increased height maximum and decreased parking requirements.

View of the Mackenzie Village development in upper Arrow Heights east along Coursier Avenue. Photo rendering: City of Revelstoke document/Stark Architecture

Revelstoke city council has approved a development variance permit for Mackenzie Village in upper Arrow Heights. The decision came at council’s July 26, 2022 meeting.

The approval allows for a decrease in sideyard setback requirements for one building, increased maximum setback requirements for six buildings, increased overall height maximums for six buildings, and reduced parking requirements.

Supporting documents in the city’s agenda included public comments received either supporting or opposing the approval of the development variance permit. Some letters received voiced support for the permit, but the majority of the public comments opposed the approval. The comments cited concerns regarding noise, obstruction of mountain views, strain on parking and existing infrastructure, and impact on the quality of life for residents in the area. You can read letters submitted by the public here.

Many of the residents that chose to comment publicly spoke about the overall maximum height increases to the six buildings. Buildings 4A and 5C were approved to increase the height maximum from 13.5 metres to 18 metres.

Planning and Development Services city staff member, Paul Simon, says that the addition of rooftop amenities is among the main reasons the developers need to extend the height maximum. Rooftop amenities greater than 10% of the roof area need to be included in height calculations for the buildings in question, says Simon during the July 26 meeting.

Height maximum increases to six Mackenzie Village buildings in approved development variance permit. Photo: City of Revelstoke

In addition, the developer was approved for an additional fifth story to be added to four of the buildings (4B, 4C, 5A, and 5B) with rooftop amenities added on top of that resulting in a maximum height increase from 13.5 metres to 22 metres. City staff members make note that the density requirements for the development are not being exceeded with the height additions.

Watch: City council discusses the development variance permit here

Surrounding residents cited concerns regarding view obstruction and shadow casting. City staff said that Hay Road residents most affected in regards to those concerns. Additionally, public comments included apprehension about noise level with the inclusion of rooftop amenities. With short-term vacation rentals permitted in the new development, neighbours are concerned noise levels will increase.

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