Brief: Parks Canada brush pile burning may be visible from Revelstoke

Fire management specialists will ignite brush piles in the Parkway Bend on Mount Revelstoke National Park to determine if conditions are favourable for a prescribed burn

File photo: Firefighters work on a 2018 fire on the lower slopes of Mount Revelstoke. Photo: Parks Canada

Smoke may be visible on Mount Revelstoke over the next several days as Parks Canada fire management specialists are igniting brush piles in the Parkway Bend prescribed fire area.

 The Parkway Bend prescribed fire site is located 17 kilometers up the Meadows in the Sky Parkway. According to a statement from Parks Canada, brush pile burning in this area allows fire specialists to assess potential fire behaviour to determine if conditions are favourable for the Parkway Bend Prescribed Fire. Here’s what Parks Canada had to say about the work fire management specialists are currently doing on Mount Revelstoke;

Prescribed fires are conducted under exacting conditions (e.g. weather, moisture, wind direction, supporting resources, etc.) and will only go forward when the safety of the public, our crews, infrastructure, and neighbouring lands can be assured,” the statement reads.

The primary goal of the prescribed fire in Mount Revelstoke National Park is to create a landscape-level fuel break limiting the potential spread of wildfire on the front face of Mount Revelstoke. Restoring fire to the landscape will also help improve forest health.

File photo: A blaze on the lower slopes of Mount Revelstoke on June 19, 2018. Investigators say the fire was human-caused. Photo: Parks Canada

Prescribed fires reduce forest fuels to lessen the severity of wildfires, release nutrients, and allow for a mosaic of ecosystems that support diverse plants and wildlife. Through safe and effective fire management, we are reducing the danger of wildfire to the public, infrastructure, and neighbouring lands while improving the ecological health of our forests.

Smoke from the brush pile burning will be visible from the town of Revelstoke. If conditions are favourable, fire management specialists may ignite the Parkway Bend within the following days.

Parks Canada said it will provide an update should the prescribed fire proceed.

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