Brief: Mt. Begbie Brewers are 2019 men’s league champs

The team earned the winning title at last night’s home game, after beating the Emo's Oilers 5-2

The Mt. Begbie Brewers celebrate their victory after Sunday night's game. Photo: Sean Taylor

Big celebrations were in order for the Mt. Begbie Brewers men’s hockey team after they took home the winning title at the Beer League finals on Sunday.

A team photo of the Mt. Begbie Brewers. Photo: Dallas Moore

The series had been tied up at 1-1 since last Thursday’s game, so tensions were running high as the teams battled it out for the final time. In the end, the Mt. Begbie Brewers came out on top against the Emo’s Oilers, with a winning score of 5-2.

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